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MSP Sales | June 8, 2018

Designing MSP Sales Strategy in Conformance with Customer Needs

Knowing What Clients Want

Your MSP sales strategy will likely be more successful provided you design it around what your customers are looking for. The following are several strategies to help you do this:

  • Facilitate trust
  • Seek out executives
  • Diversify client contacts, coach sellers
  • Seek balance between metrics and relationships

Facilitate Trust

Your MSP sales strategy needs to build trust with clients. One of the best ways to do this is through selling that isn’t as much interested in increasing client purchases, as it is in providing real value. When you are providing value, clients are more likely to trust that you’ve got their best interests in mind. If you start from a perspective where such interests are central, this will occur naturally.

Seek Out Executives

Those in executive positions among clients are more likely to have buying power. Additionally, they’re more apt to have information pertaining to overall company goals. This can help you tier packages and reach clients on a level which represents all-encompassing value for all involved.

Diversify Client Contacts, Coach Sellers

You want more than just executives available when you contact clients. Firstly, executives may not always be able to have a conversation with you due to the business duties which define regular operations. Secondly, they may not be the only ones with buying powers. Coaching those who interact with clients is a good way to help them refine relationships as well as diversify them.

Seek Balance Between Metrics and Relationships

Positive relationships are excellent indicators of positive future metrics. So, if you’re able to build relationships in one month, even though numbers aren’t ideal, this could indicate future selling which overcomes metrics later on. But if you push your numbers too hard, you could scare away or alienate clients, ultimately (and negatively) impacting metrics. Balance is necessary for closest positive alignment.

Increased Conversions

MSP sales strategies which balance metrics with client relationships, diversifies contacts, seeks out executives, and facilitates trust are likely to be naturally optimized toward customer need alignment. Optimizing this direction is advisable for increased sales conversions.

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