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MSP Marketing | June 22, 2018

Designing MSP Marketing Around Referrals to Answer Client Pain Points

MSP marketing concentrated around referrals will produce actionable content more amenable to prospective clients. Consumers today aren’t as apt to believe traditional modes of advertising owing to several factors, not least of which being how pernicious and ever-present more establish means of advertisement have become.


Referrals, by contrast, come from those who’ve used given services and honestly respond with their experiences. This is why Yelp.com has become so popular. For your MSP, what you want to do is show those instances where your tech solutions solved one of their problems.

Such instances represent ”pain points” or areas of operation where difficulty in terms of cost or complication hampers normal business. What you need to do is anticipate situations where a client may be most likely to respond in the digital public sphere. Some situations worth focusing on are:


  • Returns
  • Discovery incentives
  • Referral data



MSP marketing should work closely with customer service divisions to expedite and ease the process of returns. Why? Well, clients are going to post about this online in all likelihood. If they find the process easier, they’re more likely to say positive things. Returns aren’t the only operational area of this kind where referrals may or may not be harvested. Find “bottlenecks” likely to induce online reviews and ensure customer experience is positive in these areas.


Discovery Incentives

When a new client discovers your services and appreciates them, offer them an incentive to write a positive online review. This facilitates a win-win situation for everyone.


Referral Data

When a referral email template is sent out to clients who represent prime opportunities in this regard, include product information links. <a href=”www.annexcloud.com/blog/referral-marketing-and-customer-pain-points-2/”>45% of U.S. customers</a> won’t buy if they can’t find answers to prescient questions regarding tech quickly. Get ahead of this by ensuring referrals have links to this data readily available and concerning common inquiries.


Better ROI

MSP marketing with a referral-based construction is very likely to produce positive return on investment. Evaluate contemporary outreach protocols and perhaps work with marketing agencies to optimize in this area.


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