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MSP Services | June 6, 2018

Designing Managed Services Marketing to Work with PR for Investment Maximization

Managed services marketing has a close relationship to PR. This is going to be the case with most businesses, but technology has a unique quality because of its necessity in the modern age. With a lot of tech provision, it’s all about the flavor you bring to the technology potluck. If you want your dish to be preferred, you can’t be some common casserole; you need to jazz it up with creative presentation and placement on the tech table. Following are several ways you can incorporate tech marketing and PR toward greatest positive benefit: 

 Work together to design a strategy

  • Design content around value
  • Relationship over transaction

 Work Together to Design a Strategy 

 Your managed services marketing team should work with PR providers to design a simultaneously effective outreach strategy. Sometimes, you can find SEO agencies that specialize in MSP marketing and have a flair for positive PR. There are a lot of different ways to incorporate PR and traditional online marketing. Working with those who have positive history providing as much can help save you time and increase the effectiveness of your new campaign. 

 Design Content Around Value 

 Whatever content you design should have value. You’ll need to have case studies, provide links, describe operations, incorporate pictures and videos–basically, a comprehensive approach. This will make you an actually valuable contributor to public discourse. 

 Relationship over Transaction 

 PR professionals can make relationships with inside players in the tech industry. If you can work with SEO and PR professionals to form positive relationships with these individuals, they’ll likely relate to the public positively for you. Think of it like taking a prominent critic out to dinner before they review your new movie. 

 Expanded Positive Public Perception 

 A managed services marketing campaign that works with the right SEO and PR agencies to design a comprehensive content strategy that is rich in value, as well as relationship, is likely to be more successful. The PR angle has strong strategic value in terms of advertisement, recommending careful consideration. 

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