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IT Marketing | June 28, 2018

Boost Your IT Marketing with a Referral Program!

When it comes to sales, nothing beats getting your customers to be your biggest source of IT marketing power. After all, if you’re delivering on your promises so well that your customers give you referrals, you know you must be doing something right. The market and your new customers will see that, too. To exploit the power of referrals, however, it is vitally important to actively solicit that support from your customers. It’s not good enough just to sit back and hope customers will help you in that way. After all, they’re busy. And besides, we all need a little nudge now and then.

Best Practices for Referral Programs

The best way to boost your referral rate is to implement an effective referral program. However, there are some important points to follow when you create your referral program.


Offer Rewards

Most customers will need some incentive to trigger referrals. Giving them rewards is a powerful incentive. Giving both your customer and their referral rewards is even more powerful. If your customers are likely to be repeat purchasers, discounts are great rewards. If your customers are not likely to make repeat buys, offer cash rewards.


Drive Referrals with Powerful CTAs

Part of your IT marketing needs to employ strong calls to action (CTAs). Integrate your CTAs into your existing marketing. Bear in mind that your customers won’t always be thinking of you. Your marketing channels are important to them mostly because of what they buy from you. Use powerful CTAs here to drive your referrals.



Keep It Simple, Personal, and Interesting

Remember— you’re asking your customers to send more business your way. This is not their main activity, it’s an adjunct to their relationship with you. Make it easy for them to refer custom by keeping your referral program simple. Personalize your IT marketing CTAs to strengthen that bond. Simple, fun, and personally memorable referral programs and communications will win customers over to your side, helping them to help you.

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