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MSP Company | June 26, 2018

Banishing Bad Leadership Practices from Your MSP Company

An MSP company with bad leaders at the top is not going to be as effective as one with good leaders. The thing is, sometimes that which seems like wise leadership turns out to be uninformed. Following are several considerations you should ponder if you’re going to have the highest functioning MSP: 


  • Leaders and managers aren’t interchangeable
  • IT Isn’t Bereft of strong leadership
  • Different situations require different leading styles


Leaders and Managers Aren’t Interchangeable 

An MSP company may put managers in leadership positions because they do a good job managing. This can be a mistake. Managing tasks doesn’t translate to the kind of leadership which inspires performance. True leaders can be hard to find, but anyone can lead if they are properly enabled to do so; it’s just going to take some people much longer than others. A wise choice is to look for leadership qualities, rather than managerial accomplishments, as you seek an effective team leader. You may even pair a strong leader with a strong manager if that is possible in your company. 


IT Isn’t Bereft of Strong Leadership 

There is an assumption today that IT industries don’t lend themselves to strong leaders. The idea is that people passionate about IT aren’t the kind to inspire followers. Well, Steve Jobs proves this point. Bill Gates doesn’t, but Jobs nearly had a cult of personality going. The truth is, leaders are everywhere; you just have to find them. 



Different Situations Require Different Leading Styles 

Your company is different than others. A strong leadership style in one MSP may not work with your company. You need to understand that the style of leadership you employ must match the situation where it is necessary. Good leaders will adapt. Again, this is a trainable quality; it’ll just take more or less time, depending on the individual. 



Better Leaders 

An MSP company that teaches leadership style augmentation, recognizes strong leaders, and doesn’t equate management with leadership can effectively optimize toward more effective leadership. 

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