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MSP Business | May 4, 2018

Your MSP Business Should Embrace Virtualization

MSP BusinessAn MSP Business that has customers relying on local servers should consider educating them about the benefit of virtualization. The era of relying completely on local architecture is rapidly becoming eclipsed by businesses flocking to the cloud, using virtual machines or a hybrid solution. Here are details on how your clients can run more smoothly based on modern technology.

Virtual Servers

A virtual server, as opposed to a dedicated server, shares both hardware and software with multiple operating systems. Virtual servers are more efficient since they provide faster resource control while cutting costs. Your MSP business can make life easier for end users by managing multiple virtual servers, while you customers concentrate on making money instead of worrying about the technology that drives the operation.

Don’t allow your customers to manage their own virtual servers, it gets complicated, so it’s better if you persuade clients to hire your MSP business. Your outsourced managed services team may make more sense if you deal with a network of numerous computers. The situation gets intense when various departments want their own virtual servers that run software specifically tailored for their departments. Such an infrastructure can be costly, as well as risky, since it involves making separate backups.

It’s not so complex when a company uses one virtual machine that shares resources with all departments. That type of infrastructure can be easily managed. But if you allow your clients to become so compartmentalized with different systems, it opens the door for expanded security risks and potentially much more expensive for IT costs.

Keeping Downtime Limited

A client with tight budget limits should be concerned about limiting downtime. Your large customers with large budgets should also be concerned about limiting downtime, except they have the benefit of more resources to fall back on. In other words, you need to be careful when you’re only working with a small network not to tie up too many computers at once with maintenance issues, such as backing up data. The more separate backups you must make, the more potential there is for overlooked mistakes.
Using numerous virtualized servers often corresponds with using more of the physical server’s computing resources. Application performance issues can arise if this strategy does not accompany closer attention to network system management. If the physical server is not actively monitored by your quality IT team, then the result can lead to frustration and even downtime. You can’t have lazy or inexperienced IT support techs on your team because it makes the problem worse.

Quality Virtualization

The best approach for your MSP business it to persuade client’s utilizing virtualization to rely on your managed IT services since you have the expertise in planning, running and monitoring a virtual machine (VM). Your expert team will be able to spot inefficiencies and eliminate idle VMs that waste resources.

Your IT company should also recommend a private cloud solution to free up resources and protect data better. Private clouds make an operation more complex but are more transparent in mapping out resources and how they relate to expenses. The network infrastructure becomes easier to manage since it provides a clearer view of the big picture. A private cloud also empowers employees to access applications they need while remaining compliant with security policies.


Virtualization equates to modernization of business infrastructure, but it can also require more advanced IT support. Don’t allow your clients to go it only with virtualization, you must persuade them to let your experienced do the heavy lifting so they can avoid all the technical pitfalls discussed in this article.

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