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MSP Company | May 16, 2018

Why Your MSP Company Should Target Small Businesses?

MSP BusinessCIOs are often associated with large companies, but small businesses can also benefit from an agreement MSP company that includes hiring an IT support on an as-needed basis. There are numerous reasons why this strategy can be advantageous to a small business. Not only can an experienced CIO save their company money, he or she can help build a strong reputation for your brand. Instead of being hired as a full-time expert to oversee and evaluate their technology, consider contracting on your employees as a part-time IT support.

Tapping into a Wealth of Knowledge

Smaller companies often claim they have a CIO support employee on staff but oftentimes that position is nothing more than just a fancy title to help someone pad their resume. No one should want to create such a position for a newbie just to say you have an expert of that magnitude on their staff as an illusion to impress customers. Such a move could damage their company’s reputation once competitors caught on and spread the word.

Any CIO position should be genuine if they are going to invest in tech expertise. Furthermore, the company they hire should have a strong technology background that includes work for various credible companies in your industry. The reason for outsourcing a CIO support is to bring someone aboard who can navigate their company toward business efficiency, high-quality performance and profitability. Its reasons such as these they hiring on your company as CIO would be the perfect move to give their company an innovative edge over their competitors.

IT Evaluation

By hiring a top-level MSP company, you and your new client will be be able to accelerate both their goals and their company knowledge and utilization of new technology. It can help put their company at the forefront of emerging trends, which will appeal to high-end businesses. It can also help their firm become more diversified. These factors alone can help put their company in a position to be more productive and poised for future growth, which means more business for your MSP company.
Initially, you should try to audit your new customers technology and compare it with current market conditions to help them determine which direction to move for investing in new technology. All CIOs strive to build long-term relationships and in doing so help strengthen their customers business model as time goes on.

Part of the evaluation that a you do for your new client should help establish business goals involving scalability, staff size, and productivity. Their company will use this evaluation as a guide for planning product launches, hiring, and the type of technology needed to achieve growth and experience minimal downtime. The reason why a small business is better off with outsourcing an IT support such as yourself rather than hiring an in-house support is that they will be injecting field experience into their company.

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