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MSP Business | May 25, 2018

Why Should Your MSP Business Conduct Penetration Testing?

MSP BusinessThe IT world is filled with many security threats, so it is critical to become the MSP Business that specializes in preventing these attacks. An excellent way to test your client’s security system is by conducting a penetration test. This test is conducted by your technicians to discover network security flaws. Each analysis can be performed on various aspects of client systems, whether it is a network, web application, client-server, or many other types of penetration tests. If you are still undecided, here are three benefits of using penetration tests:

Improves Business Continuity Plan

Does your MSP business provide a continuity plan? As you know, downtime can be devastating for your end users. A penetration test can help identify potential security vulnerabilities. This enables you to create an effective business continuity plan. Failure to address these security loopholes can lead to disaster and can ultimately shut your client’s businesses down. Taking care of these problems will allow you to create a business continuity plan for end users that can overcome any disaster, whether it is a cyber-attack or from natural forces.

Protects Clients and Employees

Keeping employees and clients protected is a top priority for any business. Suffering from a security breach can result in dire consequences, so it is critical to be the MSP business that focuses on repairing security vulnerabilities. These security blunders can affect everyone in your client’s organizations, which includes each employee and every client. Taking care of these problems before they develop into serious issues can boost confidence in your MSP business and will give you a positive and well-earned reputation.

Gives You Direction

If your MSP business is looking for direction on how to handle numerous security threats? Fortunately, another benefit of conducting a penetration test is it will clearly state your vulnerabilities and give you the direction you need to repair these issues. For example, if client’s computers are vulnerable to a ransomware attack, your IT company can develop a plan with end users to minimize the risk and may even provide a security update to fix this issue. This test provides valuable information that can help you prevent many problems from developing into a widespread issue for your customers.

Partnering with an MSP Business will enable your clients to receive the highest form of protection. Periodically conducting a penetration test will allow you to identify any weaknesses and can help you develop a game plan that will keep your company safe and secure.

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