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MSP Marketing | May 2, 2018

What can you Learn from Self/less about MSP Marketing?

MSP MarketingBefore you judge someone walk a mile in their shoes, because then you are a mile away and you have their shoes. Imagine if you could trade places with a customer, employee, or a boss for one day. Sometimes you may want to just be as far away from them as possible. What did you imagine this day to be like? This movie in its twisted plot of a billionaire that transfers his consciousness into a healthy body after being struck with cancer. Switching bodies shows us that it’s important to understand one another’s perspective to achieve a healthy relationship and common understanding to help MSP marketing grow your company.

Take a Walk in their Shoes

Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds star as the mind swap duo that couldn’t be more different from one another in this nail-biting flick. We may feel similarly when dealing with clients or the higher ups. MSPs often judge their marketing prospects by saying “Buyers are liars” when often they behave the same exact way in a similar situation. It’s important to try and have a deeper insight and be more sympathetic. Three common areas where business owners lie are: how big their company is, how many employees they have, how long they’ve been around, and falsely representing certain skill sets they don’t really have a.k.a. fake it till you make it. Often this distorts companies’ understandings of one another and can lead to a variety of problems.

A Need to Succeed!

Through the body switch they realized that there is much more to each of them than meets the eye. Regret filled the old man’s heart after he realized the reality he struck with the life erased to save his own. We can certainly understand that when you make the effort to walk into someone else’s shoes it makes it that much easier to understand each other get what they need to succeed. If you can apply this information, it should help you dramatically improve your MSP marketing!

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