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IT Marketing | May 1, 2018

What can Pawn Sacrifice Teach you about the IT Marketing Game?-

MSP BusinessThe battle of the century wages in this film classic over a simple board game. Well it may not be so simple to everyone, but many don’t have the patience to learn the valuable skills chess fosters that are shown by chess prodigy Bobby Fischer in his hot streak. The real question is, however, what can I learn from Searching for Bobby Fisher that applies to the IT marketing world?

Make your Move!

An effective way to get ahead of the game in chess is hard to come by given that both players essentially start out equal. A sacrifice must be made! In chess, this is usually employed in chess to gain positional advantage or to lure into a trap. In the business world what can we do to gain the upper hand in IT marketing? Keeping up with the newer technology may be difficult for many companies but is essential for maintaining the positional advantage at the top of Google’s page. Focusing on details in your website and not losing steam on conversions are important factors that may cost time and money but are essential sacrifices. Not always necessary, however, it is important to look at the pieces you have and analyze all the moves with the patience of a chess master!

Chess and Business

In both chess and business, you have the same given set of pieces as well as the same amount of time. The competition is about how each player utilizes their variables within a limited amount of time while in battle with the opponent. You might think this is not an equal analogy; that this can’t apply to business because your opponents are many and some have larger armies at their disposal. However, I firmly believe that an underdog in the IT marketing world can win if they maximize their use of brainpower and time. In the growing era of technology, the battle has become more of a game than ever with myriads of MSP internet marketing tools at your fingertips.

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