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MSP Business | May 2, 2018

What can Emperor Kuzco teach you about MSP Business?

MSP BusinessEmperor Kuzco stars in The Emperor’s New Groove as an unforgiving ruler that values his luxury over the care of his own people. Unfortunately, Kuzco has managed to make a few enemies during his rule. His power-hungry adviser, Yzma, creates a concoction that turns Kuzco into a llama. But, you might ask, what can my MSP business learn from an arrogant llama?

Drama Llama

Imagine if you could trade places with a customer, employee, or a boss for one day. What did you imagine this day to be like? The change in perspective from turning into a lowly llama when he was once the emperor of the land helps Kuzco to understand Appa’s perspective. We may feel similarly when dealing with clients or the higher ups. MSPs often judge their customers saying “Buyers are liars” when often they behave the same exact way in a similar situation. It’s important to try and have a deeper insight and be more sympathetic. Appa was originally turned away by the Emperor when in need and now is Llama Kuzco’s only ally in his struggle to get back on top. Appa however was welcoming of Kuzco and completely changed Kuzco’s mind about him from when he turned him away as the emperor.

Walk in their Shoes

This is valuable in MSP when looking for truth in an employee. If a salesman can put all their talent into mastery of sales, they can usurp someone who is an arrogant reigning emperor that won’t recognize the power of the cloud and upcoming new technological strengths. Many business emperor’s and big old dogs fall victim to this as did Kuzco. If you can exercise the humility gained as Kuzco found when he turned into to a llama then you can truly stay afloat in the battle. We can certainly understand that when you make the effort to walk into someone else’s shoes it makes it that much easier to get on the same page and help each other get what they need to succeed.

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