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MSP Marketing | May 26, 2018

Using MSP Marketing To Convince Clients To Upgrade Their IT

msp marketingAs an MSP marketing agent, it is your job to keep your clients at the cusp of technological prowess. Tech companies act as prime movers and shakers in the tech industry these days. Silicon Valley is producing technological breakthroughs that are fundamentally changing the world. So, if any potential customers are getting sub-par IT in this portion of the country they’re wasting their money.

Sure, better IT may come with a higher price tag, but collateral savings are so much higher with good IT, as is profitability, that you get what you pay for: optimization that is trustworthy. So, when it’s time for your client’s yearly review, as a MSP marketing professional don’t mince words: tell the client there are several things they can look at to help you determine whether it’s time to make the switch include:

• An antiquated break-fix model of support
• Too much downtime
• No cloud provisions

An Antiquated Break-Fix Model of Support
IT support that only provides break-fix services is beneath your clients. Certainly, there are scenarios where such support is recommended, but most of those scenarios have a very low ceiling. That is to say: as their business expands, let them know keeping such solutions will actually end up costing them much more. This is because break-fix solutions don’t provide services until a problem arises that compromises their operations. Meanwhile, managed services identify problems before they start so that systems maintain prime operational capacity for longer periods of time.

One of the best analogies is periodic maintenance on a car. If they always change the oil, they can run the engine for a long time. If they don’t, they’ll get half to a tenth of the possible use, depending on your vehicle’s make, model and year.

Let them know it’s not totally bad for an MSP to provide the break-fix option, but an IT group that only has this option likely provides sub-par services that will end up being more expensive for their company collaterally.

Too Much Downtime

Modern innovations in technology can almost eliminate downtime entirely. Granted, there’s no such thing as a perfect solution because there is no true perfection in this world— but they can get pretty close with the right MSP such as yourself. Through cloud solutions, like network mirroring, continuous monitoring and support, maintenance, troubleshooting and automatic patches working in conjunction with security updates, it’s very possible to substantially reduce downtime. If they’re experiencing more than 13 hours a year regularly, perhaps it’s time for those potential clients to switch to a better MSP.

No Cloud Provisions

Cloud computing can make it possible for clients to totally outsource internal networks and applications, additionally allowing them to “float” your office with secure BYOD solutions utilizing DaaS and multi-factor authentication through your company. If their current MSP doesn’t provide cloud computing, they’re losing money and competitive ability.

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