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MSP Marketing | May 24, 2018

Top 5 Questions for Your MSP Marketing To Answer

msp marketingA reputable MSP business can assist a company in optimizing operations, minimizing expenditures, and boosting productivity. When onboarding or speaking to a potential client, it’s imperative to answer queries that will equip them with an in-depth understanding of how the collaboration will work and what services they should expect. The following questions will help potential customers in making the right decision:

1. What are the Key Features of Your Onboarding Process?

Before hiring any managed IT specialist, a business owner must inquire about the process of onboarding. That way, they’ll know what to expect in the coming weeks or months after putting a signature on the provider contract. It’s worth noting that contracts involving technology are a bit complicated and, therefore, the transition can’t occur within seconds. Instead, there would be many learning curves and adjustments needed, as new processes are executed, and new resources are employed. A reliable managed IT expert such as yourself will be available to guide both you and your employees during the transition period.

2. What Types of Clients Do You Handle?

A managed IT provider usually works with a class or group of customers. Businesses should avoid providers who claim to provide exceptional services to all types of customers. Prospective clients should demand to know how potential providers describe their ideal clients. The plain truth is that all IT services providers will highly value any business as a customer, but not all can address both their current and future desires. Some IT specialists would perfectly meet your needs than others.

3. What is Your Level of Experience and Professional Expertise?

A lot of time, resources, experienced employees, and investments are needed before an MSP masters the art of providing top-notch managed services. Prior to earning the confidence of clients in the IT scene, the provider should’ve been offering IT services in San Francisco for no less than six years.

4. What Metrics Do You Use to Evaluate Client Satisfaction?

Before hiring an IT expert, they need to find out if their thoughts and opinions are valued. Ask them if their current providers collect feedback, hold it in high regard, and react to it in helpful ways. Their potential provider should always call clients and perform surveys. Their studies should target random customers and not only their loyal customers. They should grade their customer service based on reliability, problem solving, professionalism, promptness, security, and performance.

5. Do You Have a Reliable Helpdesk Support?

Ideal managed services providers have in-house helpdesk support. That way, they can train and mentor them, ensure their certifications are up-to-date, and guarantee that good employees are working for them. The helpdesk support must be a committed helpdesk and not field technicians that show up at the office during their free time.

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