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MSP Marketing | May 27, 2018

MSP Marketing: What You Should Tell Your Customers About Web Filtering

msp marketingMSP marketing agents from different companies will certainly agree and disagree on certain means of securing a given business, but there are some things about which they are more likely to agree than others. Every business is different, and there are likely to be a statistical quotient of operations for which IT needs of the kind to be discussed here simply do not factor in. However, for most businesses in most regions of life today, internet connectivity is a necessity. As a result, it will be exploited by statistical quotients of employees regardless of procedure or regulation. Why kick against the goads of such a reality? It does not make much sense. A better strategy is understanding the issue and working to combat it. With that in mind have potential clients consider these points

• Your employees will surf the web
• Banning the web drives employees to smartphones, which open vulnerabilities
• Web filtering represents more comprehensive support

Employees Surfing the Web

A MSP Company will not advise you to rescind web access from your operations. Employees are going to need web access for a variety of things in modernity. Even in regions of business like retail; communicating with suppliers is more quickly done via the web than a phone. Therefore, what makes sense here is not to try to keep them off it; that will likely have some unintended consequences.

Using Smartphones and Expanding Vulnerabilities

Let your clients know if they ban the web on access portals like desktops and laptops, then their employees will just use their smartphones. Smartphones often have third-party applications, which are really Trojans for viruses, some of which may be used to infiltrate their system, or at the very least, collect data for a later infiltration. This is less likely when their employees are not turning on Wi-Fi or accessing the web regularly while at work. Consolidated social media access through the web saves a lot of that trouble.

Another collateral negative from web banning is the lost productivity, which comes when employees begin to sneak off to their smartphone every 20 minutes or so.

Web Filtering for Comprehensive results

Your MSP marketing agent should let them know one of the best solutions for these issues is called web filtering. Certain sites are restricted from access, and some must go through an approval process. This makes it so that their employees access no questionable sites, but they still have the ability to use the web. Be careful, though. Facebook is a massive time-waster, but at the same time, some desk jobs will not suffer from the use of such a program. They would suffer if the employees were, for example, ignoring the incoming calls from his or her headset so they could check their social media.

With web filtering, you can reduce collateral vulnerabilities brought on by increased smartphone use and productivity loss through distraction. They will need to be strategic, but these advantages are attainable.

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