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MSP Company | May 23, 2018

MSP Companies Can Help Clients Implement Firewall Solutions

msp companySystem security is one of the major considerations made by businesses when opting to partner with MSP companies. A secure system is more viable and productive. But what does it really mean to have a secure system? The use of firewalls has, for a long time, proven to work effectively in all matters IT security. But clients need to choose a firewall solution that works best for their situation. Here’s what they need to know about the different firewall solutions before deciding on which one is likely to work best for their organization:

Hardware Firewalls

The word “hardware” puts most people off. People often consider software resources to be more effective. Whereas this is partly true, when talking about firewalls, clients need to know what hardware firewalls offer before brushing them off. Hardware firewalls are considerably safer because they exist physically in their system— this means that all the data passes through them before entering the system. The dynamic nature of IT has led to the development of more efficient firewalls, which can block security threats even when the gateway is flooded with huge packets of data. In this case, their system would be at a better position to detect malware and other malicious cyber security threats before they strike. Hardware firewalls are also less likely to experience extensive downtime; therefore, they can remain fully operational on a 24/7 basis. However, like other hardware resources, these firewalls require significant input in terms of maintenance and monitoring.

Software Firewalls

The basic reason why software firewalls are still inferior to hardware firewalls is based on the disparate operational principles between the two groups. As mentioned earlier, hardware firewalls scan data packets before they end up in their local drive. However, with software firewalls, the data packets pass through their network and into the local drive before threats are scanned. Software firewalls also operate on the basis of known malware and malicious activities as well as prohibited IP addresses. We cannot totally disregard the effectiveness of software firewalls in guaranteeing system security, but they don’t provide holistic protection. Malicious programs can still infiltrate your system especially because software resources are subject to extensive downtime either due to faults or during a system shutdown.

Cloud-Based Firewalls

As mentioned above, IT is a dynamic entity that continues to present new approaches to technological issues. Cloud firewalls are products of this dynamicity. These firewalls may be the best option because they combine the principles of both the hardware and software firewalls. Cloud firewalls use hardware resources that can be operated remotely by pertinent experts using relevant application software. To get such resources, your clients will need expert input from a MSP company such as yourself.

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