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MSP Marketing | May 25, 2018

Missteps Your MSP Should Avoid When Marketing IT Services

MSP MarketingNavigating the maze of IT companies is more difficult than most assume. Potential clients have likely pondered the merits of IT service providers and emerged from these deliberations without a clear answer. It’s awfully difficult to distinguish one company from another. The typical person doesn’t understand the nuances of networks, software, hardware, the cloud and digital security. As a result, people tend to make mistakes when allying with IT service providers.

Your MSP marketing should be on a mission to help them avoid such mistakes and obtain the high-quality IT service they deserve. Let’s look at the most common missteps potential clients make that you should address when allying with an IT services provider. 

Foregoing Comprehensive Protection and Access

Any potential customer is looking for an IT company that can provide them with full and immediate access to their company’s information. All companies deserve unfettered access to their intellectual property always. If a potential IT services provider refused to provide such comprehensive access, withheld login information or placed other obstacles in their path, no company would ever do business with them. These matters of intellectual property are something your MSP Marketing agents should clarify in-depth before a business relationship is formalized.

The Failure to Outsource

Some companies simply decide to avoid hiring an IT firm altogether. These are clients your MSP Marketing should target, advising these potential customers that a business with no IT support or IT security is awfully risky is a great way to make a sale. It’s advisable also peruse businesses with an IT support firm, after all, an in-house IT professional can only handle so much work. Furthermore, they might lack specialized knowledge for idiosyncratic tech problem-solving that an outside IT support group has mastered inside and out.

Provide a basic contract

As you seal the deal with your new customer a detailed contract is an absolute must. This document should be in writing and flesh out all the costs, deadlines, responsibilities and other meaningful information pertaining to the business relationship. The failure to flesh out all these subtleties can jeopardize a potential customers faith in you and may set back or jeopardize the your getting a new client.

Targeting Temporary Alliances & Training

Some companies lean on IT service providers for specific duties that often last a few years or, in some cases, a few months. These are ideal clients for your MSP marketing to target. These contracts can be lucrative sources of capital for years to come despite their preset length. Satisfactorily completing the project creates a business relationship and opens the door for your company to be re-hired for upgrades, training, and IT support for years to come.

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