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MSP Marketing | May 27, 2018

IT Marketing in San Francisco: Convincing Clients To Choose Public Cloud Computing

MSP marketingIt is your job as an MSP marketing agent to convince clients and potential customers that cloud technology offers a multitude of benefits for businesses. While everyone knows that cloud technology is an affordable solution that can be accessed from anywhere, many businesses still do not feel comfortable uploading their data onto the cloud servers. Nevertheless, the use of cloud services is a popular business model and it is expected to continue to grow at an 18% rate in the upcoming year. But, is data safe on a public cloud server? Here are just a few answers to a few concerns clients may have:


A prospective client may be concerned about security for their data but the use of encryption is one of the most effective ways an IT provider can keep a businesses data secure in the cloud. Whether their data is in transit or being stored in the cloud, it is always protected with encryption, which prevents hackers from gaining unauthorized access to it. Besides encryption, the data uploaded to the cloud is stored in multiple locations, which further adds another layer of security.

Around-The-Clock Monitoring

When a client hire you for IT support for cloud services, their data uploaded onto the cloud should be monitored at all times, whether during work hours or in the middle of the night. If anything unusual occurs, the threat will be identified and isolated before it can cause further damage. Ultimately, around-the-clock monitoring can help prevent a small problem from turning into a significant issue. On the other hand, manually storing information inside the office is much less secure as data can be easily stolen or lost through a natural disaster.

Security Updates

IT marketing agents should always let customers know always receiving security updates as soon as they become available is critical for any business in today’s workplace. An IT provider such as yourself will provide the latest security updates to ensure everything is receiving the highest form of protection on a cloud server. These updates will automatically happen and provide a seamless transition without interrupting their daily work schedule. Each of these updates will be accompanied by a message that details all the changes to ensure that their administration understands the purpose and impact of each update.

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