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MSP Business | May 22, 2018

Is Your MSP Business Prepared for the Vetting Process?

MSP BusinessWhen end users look for IT services, it’s important that they have a thorough vetting process to ensure that your MSP business provides only the best possible service. In some form or another, most businesses all conduct a vetting process before they decide — and they do so on a regular basis. It can be as simple as buying a product at the grocery or as critical as investing a huge amount of money in a business venture. Being chooses as the IT provider is more like the latter — because if there is a mis-match in the partnering process it can very be detrimental to both businesses. Now, let’s talk about the how’s and whys.

Why You Need to Vet Your IT services Provider

End users will want to vet your MSP business properly to ensure that you have experience in their Industry. Without a reliable tech experience and tech support, in their industry you’re doomed to fail.
Now, everyone vets their IT provider to a certain extent. Unfortunately, common, however, is a surface-level vetting that only looks at how long someone has spent time in their industry and has a pretty webpage, but any of the other, many concerns savvy end users will investigate before hiring you MSP company to work for their company. Let’s tackle all these so that you know how to prepare for the vetting process and can stay competitive with everyone else.

Gauging Time Spent in the Industry

First thing’s first: they will gauge how much time you’ve spent in the industry, not just how long your MSP business has been open, how long you’ve been serving clients, how long these relationships are with any given clients, and how experienced their individual technicians are. They won’t hire just any company providing IT services. They are looking for a team of qualified IT professionals who know how to work with their business and understand their technology, not a bunch of amateurs who put the security of their data and the stability of their business at risk.

Gauging Quality of Service

Of course, they are not going to question how long you’ve been working in the industry. It’s about how well you’ve been doing it. To learn about this, they will ask to look at your current clients, businesses you’ve worked with, and what those clients have to say about you. Provide testimonials from clients who have worked with you MSP business, and even consider allowing prospects to contact them directly, especially if they are ready to move forward, so they can find out all about your business relationship. Savvy buyers will not stumble blindly into a contract, especially when the difference between a good IT provider and a bad IT provider could determine whether they succeed or not.

A Few Must-Haves with an IT services Provider

Of course, there are few must-haves your MSP business should be prepared for. First, you need to make sure you provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems. Remote monitoring is a must for any modern IT provider and, combined with other technologies, can even be used to perform proactive fault prevention- maintaining and fixing problems before end users ever notice them. These are the features that will impress savvy end users in the vetting process.
Second, they will seek to verify that you have good response times. Most problems can be fixed remotely, sure, but how quickly can you respond to your support emails or chat requests? Can you be trusted to respond when they need you the most?

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