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MSP Marketing | May 16, 2018

Help your MSP Marketing Prospect’s Terminate Their Services!

MSP MarketingIf your MSP marketing prospect is not happy with their IT services agreement you should consider helping them organize an ITexit campaign that works with their existing company to switch providers. The last thing they need to worry about is overpaying a firm that doesn’t deliver on its promises. Their business depends on moving forward by keeping up with new technology that helps— not hurts— their bottom line. Here are ways to suggest exiting a bad IT provider and enter into an agreement with your company.

Terminating an IT Services Contract

Suppose their IT services provider is letting their company down with frequent downtime and lack of ability to fix problems sufficiently. Let’s go one step further and say your prospect is not getting much ROI out of the deal. Ideally, they resisted signing a long-term agreement in the first place. But if they do happen to be locked into a long-term deal, there are still ways to get them out.
Most IT services contracts have termination clauses that spell out what happens if either party breaches the agreement. First, have your prospect review their contract and make sure they are clear on what they signed up for. If they can find proof that the firm has breached the agreement, they may be able to avoid going through the legal process and just tell the firm that they want to find another consultant who can serve their needs better. Here are some hypothetical scenarios that may allow them to get out of a bad deal immediately:

• Both parties agree to terminate the contract
• The provider has caused damages to your property or reputation
• They’ve been billed inappropriately for services you didn’t receive
• Lack of willingness to perform the contract warrants termination
• The provider has been bought out by another company
• No contract was signed or the agreement has expired

Your Next IT Agreement

Before they leave their provider, assure your MSP marketing prospect they your company is more suitable for their needs. Consider offering them a flexible contract so that they can decide over time if they wish to have a long-term relationship with you.
Once you have assured your prospect that your company meets their specific requirements, be sure to assuage them of any fears they might have before committing to a contract. It’s best to have a clear understanding about problems they went through with the last company to make sure the same mistakes are never made.

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