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MSP Business | April 27, 2018

Winning Tips from ‘The Blind Side’ to Develop an Outstanding MSP Business

MSP companyMany people say that problems are opportunities in disguise. However, when your MSP business is amid a tough situation, it is hard to believe in this adage. You and your staff put your focus on the problem and in finding solutions to it, and in the process, you lose sight of the opportunity behind it.

The same thing happened in the movie The Blind Side.

Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) was having a hard time fulfilling the offensive tackle role assigned to him and his coach was getting frustrated. Michael was not receptive to the coach’s instructions and corrections. But when Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock), his foster mom came to talk to him and made him understand how to use his “protective instincts” as a strength to be used in the football field, he quickly improved. He eventually earned a scholarship to the University of Mississippi and was drafted to NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.

Your team might be putting too much attention on the problem that you forget to look at the strengths of your individual members and that their special abilities could be the opportunities you are waiting for. However, with the company’s day-to-day routine and busy schedules, how will you spot and develop the strengths of your employees?

Put these three winning tips into practice to make your MSP business truly outstanding:

1. Know

When Leigh Anne sought to become Michael’s legal guardian, she found out that in a career aptitude test, he was ranked in the 98th percentile in protective instincts. In your business, you need to know the people you are working with. As a leader, you need to know what makes them tick and what motivates them. Assess their strengths and learn what they like to do before you assign a job to them. You should also gain their trust and recognize their accomplishments from time to time. This way, you keep your employees happy and you can easily encourage them to grow and learn new skills.

2. Explain

During a football practice, Leigh Anne told Michael to protect the quarterback as if it was her and to treat the tailback as if it was SJ, her youngest son. She explained that his role was to protect his teammates as if he were protecting his own family. Once Michael applied this concept, he left the coaches in awe and became an unstoppable mountain. Correspondingly in your organization, after knowing the strengths of your employees, you need to teach them how to apply those strengths to the roles they play in the company. You need to teach them how to apply their skills through real-world practice and by explaining things in a way they can understand. This way, each member understands and is working in a role that reinforces their strengths.

3. Nurture

For Michael to meet the minimum grade point average, the Tuohys hire Miss Sue as his private tutor. Likewise, your employees need support and nurturing for them to be productive and effective in their tasks. Strengthen your employee development by prioritizing professional skill development and encouraging them to attend classes, or conferences focusing on vital skills that are useful to your industry. You can challenge your staff with new assignments or pair them with mentors in your organization.

The Blind Side is a touching and powerful true story that could teach leaders the importance of seeing a problem as an opportunity and how to use strengths to your advantage. Once you identify what those strengths are, your MSP business needs to cultivate them by taking an active role in the development of your staff. This will give your employees the feelings of significance, community, and value which are keys to a successful and strong company.

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