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MSP Marketing | April 8, 2018

What can we learn from Mandela that applies to MSP Marketing?

MSP MarketingIn this movie entitled Mandela, centered around the anti-apartheid revolutionary -Nelson Mandela, we are shown the efforts of this man to abolish apartheid in a seemingly odd way- rugby. By having a non-violent approach Mandela tried to teach his people that their enemy wasn’t even their enemy at all to diminish the lines dividing them.

Analyze your approach

Mandela realized that it took a unique approach to the problem at hand. Simple legislation wouldn’t solve anything because the apartheid was culturally engrained. This led him to lead a rugby team to be the best and win the hearts of the people through this sport that is so prevalent in their culture as well. So, what do we learn? Well first I’d say that we see that there are many possible solutions to the problem you’re tackling. Sometimes all it takes is a peaceful, well-intended approach to realize that your enemy might not be your ‘enemy’ at all.

A divided house won’t stand

Most MSPs think that sales and marketing are the enemy of their company. They tend to have a combative attitude when engaging in market strategies and fail to realize marketing needs IT tech experience just as IT tech experience needs marketing. We must realize that it is a symbiotic relationship to stop butting heads and grow as a company. The fact that marketing needs something to sell and you must sell something is often a culture-shock to most companies. Without these two principles working together you will not be reaching your full potential to grow as a company.

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