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Uncategorized | April 20, 2018

What can Men in Black 3 teach your MSP Marketing?

MSP MarketingIn this classic sci-fi flick, agents Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and Jay (Will Smith) flirt with time in all its paradoxes. Throughout their alien antics they come across some quite serious complications with space-time. Is there anything that you can learn about MSP marketing from Men in Black?

Meditate on your decisions

Send yourself help from the future by analyzing the butterfly effect of your decisions. Through their experiences Kay and Jay realize that the actions they take in the past can seriously alter the future in which they reside. If one thing we can learn from the movie it’s that we must make our present decisions wisely as they have infinite implications. This will aid your MSP in dealings with potential prospects as well as relations with other companies and is an invaluable for your employees and especially salespeople to learn.

Be a man with a plan

Meditating on your decisions before making them is a great way to analyze the problem from different perspectives and see all the variables that could affect the process. You don’t even have to become a monk but simply rolling over decisions in your head and not being quick to the trigger is essential for ensuring your future’s safety. In this way you will be exercising the core principle of beginning with the end in mind and working your way back to where you are from there. Doc, however, doesn’t just stop at this point but instead uses his scientific knowledge to craft the best plan no matter how daring the situation and continues to learn on the way. As the saying goes- the man with a plan has the future in his hand.

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