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MSP Business | April 7, 2018

What can Bugs Bunny teach us about the MSP Business World?

MSP businessBugs Bunny is often considered to be one of the great classics of the cartoon world. The simplicity of this show as the shenanigans of Bugs and eternal game of cat and mouse lead to hilarious battles and classic slapstick humor. The unrelenting battle between Bugs and Elmer (a.k.a. Nimrod the hunter) has bigger implications to understand than meets the eye.

Hunt for prospects!

Sometimes business can be turned into a game, making dealing with a client often feel like a big chase. Many times, the hunt for clients is much longer and drawn out as is the case of Nimrod trying to go on a simple rabbit hunt. Many customers take the time to listen to what you have to say but dislike the aspect of being “sold” and will put off the close of the sale indefinitely at times. It’s not unlike shopkeepers in street markets yelling their prices and bugging you to visit the store but you just couldn’t care less and, even more so, are turned off by their pushy attitudes. People want to think that the idea of purchasing a service is their own, turning cold calling into an intricate game of inception.

Eye on the prize!

Many have jumped the gun by being too eager to close a sale or have lost their cool while dealing with a disgruntled customer. Their reactions become snappy and irritated rather than staying oriented on the problem at hand. Often people don’t like to be “sold” over the phone or anytime really. They become the cat that is too eager to catch the mouse and ends up losing it in the end. The cat needs to remain calm and employ his many skills acquired by not only having a product they believe in but coupling that with the gift of coercing a customer and planting an idea with them that resonates. Having these skills will certainly be of use both for stalking prey and selling MSP.

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