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MSP Business | April 7, 2018

Snow White and MSP Business Principals Made Simple

Mirror mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all? The age-old question that began the demise of the wicked queen in the classic fairytale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. What can your MSP business learn about marketing from this age-old tale of jealousy and fantasy.

Mirror, mirror

Though Snow White had the fairest presence of all, the wicked queen was threatened regardless. In such a competitive MSP market we, too, may have found our own wicked witch to deal with. Many times, your competitors are bound to be threatened by your business and, although they might not give you a poison apple, they can make your life difficult. You can have lurking enemies spreading bad word or gossip of your business. The key is not to become angry but be the bigger person and ultimately this example you set will show in your work. Any prospect will see the words aren’t true by simply having a conversation with you.

Seven Dwarves
In Snow Whites tale she fell under the care of the seven humble dwarves as we all know. Though they seemed small in nature they ended up being the strength of Snow White in the end. The relationship between Snow White and the dwarves teaches a valuable lesson about our own MSP business. With the dwarves in Snow White’s company and our MSP in ours, we see that the people comprising it each have individual flaws. Some are dopey, sleepy, grumpy, or sneezy; but together they are an efficient mining team and close-knit family.

Fight the power!

If you’re going against a bigger enemy the key is knowing how to get the most power and take an advantage in cunning of you are few but strong employees. Bigger MSP companies often can’t get personal with clients. They often rely on their big name and cheap prices to get customers. Localized clients can put time and effort into building rapport with a prospect to level the playing field. The companies with staffs of writers many are afraid to compete against have writers that come from a corporate mentality of clock-in clock-out to get paid sort of like the hunter that gave the Queen a fake heart in the tale. By having a more close-knit team you will be able to effectively incentivize your employees and utilize their individual strengths to get the most out of your team.

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