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MSP Sales | April 26, 2018

MSP Sales Lessons from Red Sparrow: Prejudging Customers

MSP SaleMSP sales can be as exciting as a spy action movie. How? Just like in the spy movies such as the “Red Sparrow” where spy agents pretend to be people they are not to deceive their targets and deter suspicions from the public, MSP customers can appear poor or far from the ideal customer profile. The sales and marketing people tend to prejudge their prospects based on their looks, the car they drive, their office, the number of employees or the place where they come from. They snub their customers, or they change their presentations to better fit that prospect. Here is where they fail and lose what could have been a big sale.

So, what should your company learn from this?

There is danger in prejudging the prospect.

Sales and marketing people fail 95% of the time because of prejudging. This happens when you rely on limited information, faulty beliefs, and shallow reasoning to determine whether a prospect has the capacity to buy from you. Without asking any questions or researching facts, the assumptions you make based on someone’s appearance is dangerous. In the film Red Sparrow, a Russian ballet dancer named Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence) turns into a Russian spy by a series of unfortunate events. She becomes a member of the Sparrow. This particular group of spies is tasked with using seduction as a weapon to extract information throughout highly covert operations. In the same way, you will never know the true worth of any prospect by just by your mere assumptions. Prejudging a prospect can cost your MSP business some of its greatest assets.

Never assume.

It does not matter who your prospect is, in MSP sales, you cannot prejudge him or her. You cannot just assume your prospect’s capacity, or his needs based on his credentials, looks, past, etc. All you need to do is to share your business with everyone. Give those who come to you with the same treatment, information, and presentation, and let them decide if their business fits with your services. You can find many stories of wealthy people who are dressed very ordinarily getting turned down by salespeople because of prejudgment. As a result, they lose a potential big sale and they get a tainted reputation.

Stick to the plan.

It is time to throw away any excuses that your prospects might not be interested. You cannot prejudge conditions no matter the circumstance. When your prejudging nature kicks in, you must let your sales process take hold and give the same respect any person deserves. Learn to ask specific questions to uncover your prospects needs without making any assumptions. By avoiding prejudging, you can sell more and make a ton more money.


The theme to take away from the Red Sparrow movie is the danger of selling and judging your prospects by outward appearance, type of office, number of employees, or the way they dress. Those are only on the surface and these things do not necessarily reflect their buying power. Maybe those who dress up simply are the ones with lots of money and are just being so streamlined that the outside appearance does not represent fully. Until you learn this in your MSP sales, you will literally be leaving money on the table out of prejudice.

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