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MSP Marketing | April 26, 2018

Hunger Games Lessons to Help You Survive MSP Marketing

msp marketingIf your IT company were to be chosen as a tribute to the Hunger Games, would your business be able to survive? Your MSP marketing can learn so much from Suzanne Collins’ book entitled ‘The Hunger Games’ and its movie adaptation on how to survive the dog-eat-dog world of business.

Keeping your current clients and getting new ones are already pretty difficult feats. However, they do not come close to keeping yourself alive in the arena just like how Katniss Everdeen did. The Girl on Fire can teach a few things about staying alive.

Spend time wisely

Before volunteering for the Hunger Games to save her sister Prim, Katniss spends her time in the woods after school and during the weekends hunting and foraging for food for her family. She cultivated her skills not knowing that these things would keep her alive in the Hunger Games arena years later.

The key to gaining a positional advantage in MSP marketing lies in how you utilize your mental power and available time. How you specifically use your mind and time with so few hours of daylight makes a difference in your success. If you sacrifice by devoting more time to cultivating useful skills on a daily basis, then eventually you will achieve the upper hand. This can be accomplished by spending more time meditating and reading about business while everyone is off relaxing and watching tv. Reading about business will ensure you are not wasting time and are spending valuable hours working.

Take time to learn the basics

Katniss knows in the training period that she excels with a bow and arrow and so she opts to skip the more-advanced combat classes in favor of simple survival skills like starting a fire and learning which plants are safe to eat. Everyone else, however, is practicing with their weapons and preparing to fight. In the same way, your marketing team should seek out to master the basics. These basic knowledge and skills will help prevent easily avoidable and costly mistakes down the road. They might seem insignificant now, but they pay off in a major way.

Utilize your strengths

Our heroine only shows her archery skills at the right opportune time – earning her the highest score from the judges and helping her defeat the other tributes. She showcases her skill and lets her actions speak for themselves. This way she gets many sponsors. In marketing for your company, you need to utilize your strengths and your strongest talents to your advantage instead of using pushy advertising. You do not need to be the loudest and most visible competitor on the market. Demonstrate actual results and let your strengths be your main attraction.

Katniss Everdeen was not the strongest tribute in the arena, but she knew her strengths and played them to her advantage. In MSP marketing, it is just your livelihood on the line instead of your life. However, the same rules apply. If you do not form valuable daily habits, take time to learn the basic skills, and highlight your strengths, then you can forget about success and fortune.

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