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IT Marketing | April 27, 2018

How Lessons from The Hunger Games Can Improve IT Marketing

IT MarketingSometimes, to improve your IT marketing strategies, you only need to look at successful literature and movies and learn from their plot lines. One considerable source is the bestselling book and box-office hit movie, The Hunger Games. In this dystopian free for all, 24 younglings are pit against each other in a massive battle dome. Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence, volunteers to take the place of her younger sister as the tribute to the annual Hunger Games. From the beginning, Katniss has naturally crafted survival skills, however, winning the Games takes more than talent. She needs to learn how to play it too.

In such a competitive marketplace, MSPs need to understand that skills alone will not cut it. You need to see things in the broader scale so that you will know how and where your IT marketing strategies play out against your competitors and your audience. Katniss has a difficult time understanding this at first, but when she finally sees its relevance, she uses it to her advantage and it gives her the needed leverage to succeed.

So, what exactly did Katniss do that could also benefit your marketing campaigns? Here are four key lessons from the Hunger Games:

Get a mentor

Despite Katniss’ excellent hunting skills with a bow and arrow, she would not know how to play the game right without her mentor Haymitch. Haymitch, a former victor of the Games, helps her strategize and teaches her how to influence the crowd to get sponsors. In the business world, mentors are also valuable because of their experience and wisdom. They can help you maneuver your way in the intricate dealings of business and teach you ways and tactics you cannot learn from books. Find your company a trusted mentor and develop a culture mentorship within the organization wherein employees mentor other employees to pass on knowledge and cultivate skills.

Stand out

With 23 other tributes, Katniss needs to stand out and be memorable if she wants to get sponsors. Cinna, her stylist understands how important this is and so designs her costumes to be unique and unforgettable. She even got the moniker ‘the girl on fire’ because of her wardrobe. In the same way, your company needs to stand out from the rest of the competition. You can do this by concentrating on your niche markets and delivering high-quality services that match your branding and marketing efforts. Identify what makes your company different from the other and create a strong brand identity that will get you noticed and remembered. Another one is to be seen everywhere – attend expos and trade shows, be an active member of the business chamber, do charity events, speak at conferences and have a relevant online presence.

Win the crowd

Aside from being memorable, she needs to be likable too. Katniss needed to win the crowd because sponsors could come from them. The sponsors provide her with resources within the arena, which ultimately help her survive and win the Hunger Games. She uses a love-interest to her advantage, playing the media side of the game. In the same manner, the marketing of your services needs to have an emotional connection with the audience. Your campaigns should not be focused on how good your company is, but it should be more on responding to your audience’s needs.

Marketing is a vital tool that is needed to outdo stronger competitors whether you’re in The Hunger Games or the marketing world. MSPs can learn from Katniss and her journey to becoming the victor that talents and skills are not enough to succeed. You need smart and appealing IT marketing strategies to win the crowd and survive.

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