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MSP Business | April 28, 2018

How does the Hiring Drought in the IT Industry affect your MSP business?

MSP BusinessIf you aren’t aware, as I’m sure you are, there has been an IT hiring drought as of late. This usually means that only the best companies can hire new workers in the field. Usually enticed with better salary packages and incentives, company culture, and an internal career path, these new workers will often go for the sweeter deal.

But what does your MSP business have to worry about? The consequence of this drought is if you’re not currently working with an IT company that has these features and can attract IT workers it can negatively impact YOUR company. Companies that can’t attract new people will begin to shrink, and then will typically begin to lag in response time as their workforce begins to spread thin. If you are working with such a company, you will suffer from the absence of workers. Not to say that all smaller companies struggle to stay afloat. Many of the larger companies are under siege as well. The companies with staffs of writers that come from a corporate mentality of clock-in clock-out to get paid. This can be extremely detrimental to the quality of service you are receiving. Having a more close-knit team certainly has its advantages.

The key lesson to learn here is that it’s always valuable to know who you’re working with. In the cut-throat world of MSP Business you must make an effort to research the companies you do business with. To be safe don’t only look at what is presented to you but take the time to dig a little deeper. For example, see how the employees feel about the company and if their clients are happy with their services. This is only a web search away with websites such as Glass door or Indeed. Employees tend to be very honest about the company they work with especially when it can be anonymous and not hindered by a performance review. How much do you really know about your IT Support and so begs the question: can you trust them?

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