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MSP Company | April 8, 2018

How can Apes Teach you to Run an MSP Company?

MSP CompanyThis movie pits man against monkey in the turf war of the ages. In the movie War for the Planet of the Apes the apes, facing an enemy that is much more developed than they, will have to win this war with their wits. One of the most important lessons Emperor Caesar teaches the apes is that they can’t take the humans one on one because they are obviously outgunned. “APES! Together STRONG!” is Caesar’s powerful war cry. Being one of the most basic lessons MSPs can learn from this by understanding this concept is vital for any functioning team. And what is a company but a team. What exactly can you learn from our primate cousins about running a business?

A Divided House Won’t Stand

This movie emphasizes the importance of the old proverb that sticks alone are weak but together are much stronger. A scene shows Caesar teaching this core concept to his followers with a few sticks. Imagine what you and your MSP business can accomplish if you put your minds towards a common goal! MSP’s can learn by applying this to the workplace relations with employees and bosses as well as prospects. By having a well-founded workplace, you will increase efficiency and overall moral. This is especially important in MSP because with so many web pages to go through it can be hard to keep everybody on the same one. You don’t want to allow workplace skirmishes to divide your team. These matters must be taken seriously such as when an it guy is at heads with a marketing guy. Many things could go awry, and these matters should not be glossed over.

Think Big Picture!

Having well-oiled gears will improve efficiency and make sure to keep everything running smoothly and everyone on the same page. MSPs can learn by standing together to protect their industry from over regulation and taxation to make sure favorable laws are passed. For example, getting the government involved to attempt to solve the current drought of IT tech workers by establishing programs and scholarships to lure the techies. Understand your strength in numbers and learn from the planet of the apes.

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