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MSP Marketing | April 3, 2018

Does Zoolander have any MSP Marketing Wisdom?

MSP MarketingBlue steel! The famous fashion move that brought hit model Derek Zoolander to fame is still in the book of comedy gold. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson clash in this classic comedy duo, Zoolander. As the two rivals model off for Male Model of the Year what can we learn from this ridiculous movie that can apply to our MSP marketing?





Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is going for his fourth consecutive win as the Male Model of the Year. A foreign rival known by the name of Hansel (Owen Wilson) sweeps in to steal the award and leaves Zoolander completely distraught. A valuable general lesson that can be learned here is to never underestimate your opponent. This is especially important in the business world as well as with foreign entities that be a potential threat. Be aware of the latest tech developments to not get the rug swept out from under you.

Don’t let your MSP marketing go stale!

One of the most fundamental principles of the fashion industry in the sense that it is never over. There are always new styles, new looks, and changes with the times just as there would be with the crazy fashion moves shown by the Zoolander. Similarly, we should hold our IT marketing in the same regard as there is always room for improvement and potential just waiting to be tapped.

A company should always be changing and evolving by expanding focus and improving services. A good way is to learn from the wise in some way. They should hire a MSP marketing coach, or perhaps reading books is a simple enough solution. Receiving alternate forms of training or mentoring can benefit many aspects of your business as well the services and model they offer is most applicable to change and improvement over time. Don’t let your marketing go stale!

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