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MSP Marketing | April 4, 2018

‘Death Wish’ Lessons for a Better MSP Marketing Plan

MSP MarketingTrials and loses can bring either the best or the worst in your MSP marketing team. Just like in the film Death Wish, a tragedy befalls the humble Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis). He loses his wife and finds his daughter in a coma because of a home invasion. This causes him to go on a rampage and take down the criminals who were responsible on his own. He becomes a vigilante who stalks the streets of Chicago and uses his knowledge and abilities as a trauma surgeon to kill offenders.

Your business may be facing aggressive or bigger competitors right now and you might be having a hard time penetrating the market. We know that keeping up with big businesses is one of the toughest challenges you will face in the industry. They can easily overshadow small MSP businesses. Therefore, you are going to need a badass marketing plan for you to survive. And like Dr. Kersey, it will require you to tap into your reservoir of strengths and advantages and use them to create a better MSP marketing plan.

The following are four ways you can compete with the big corporations and win.

1. Provide a personalized service

Turns out that the many customers would rather work with a small MSP company than with the big guys. Large companies often cannot get personal with clients. They often rely on their big name and cheap prices to get customers. Localized IT businesses can put time and effort into building rapport with a prospect in order to level the playing field and leverage partners. Focus on personalizing your clients’ service by discovering new needs and services.

2. Learn from your opponents

It is time to learn from the other players in the game. Study what your competitors are using to market their services. Know their marketing strategies and find out what makes them attractive to customers. You might experience similar success if you incorporate or tweak their tactics into your marketing plans to work for your brand.

3. Build good reputation

A good way to build good reputation and credibility is by getting testimonials and reviews from former or existing clients. They will serve as validation of the quality of service you can provide to new clients. Improve your presence as well on social platforms. Keep your account information updated and accurate and engage with them on social media.

4. Concentrate on your niche markets

The marketing of bigger companies is usually focused on a wider and broader audience. But as a small local business, you have the advantage of knowing what your local customers want most. You can concentrate on niche or specific markets. Choose one or two markets you can attack and seriously go after them.

Your MSP marketing is critical to your business’s survival. You may be going against big enemies in the industry but if you know how to get the most power and take an advantage of your strengths, anything is possible. Take your advantages as a small business over larger competitors and use them to improve the marketing of your organization. Do not back down from the competition though they may be greater in number and in resources. If you truly believe in your cause, then you will find a way to succeed.

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