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MSP Marketing | April 7, 2018

Captain America Show Anyone Can be an MSP Marketing Hero

MSP MarketingThis movie teaches that anyone can be a hero. With his humble start in Brooklyn, Captain America shows that, despite his scrawny frame, his strength lies within his character. Although eventually he got his unnatural strength from an experiment he continued to show his leadership by his actions with his newfound strength. This is vital as he goes on to fight aliens, his cyborg best friend, and even his own teammates in a civil war. Even though he seemed out of his league in a battle of super humans, he shined through with his hero qualities. Being in way over his head in each of these situations, Cap utilizes his smarts to get through the day. But what can my MSP company learn from this?

Teamwork makes the dream work!!!

Your MSP company may feel like Steve Rogers before he got his secret strength formula but ultimately it was the characteristics he had beforehand that made him the hero he is. Even though your business may be small, if you focus on what makes you strong you will rise to the top. This movie emphasizes the importance of the old proverb that sticks alone are weak but together are much stronger. Their division was their own downfall as the mighty Avengers were single-handedly taken down with this strategy. MSP’s can learn by applying this to the workplace relations with employees and bosses as well as prospects. By having a well-founded workplace, you will increase efficiency and overall moral. This is especially important in MSP because with so many web pages to go through it can be hard to keep everybody on the same one. You don’t want to allow workplace skirmishes to divide your team. These matters must be taken seriously such as when an IT guy is at heads with a marketing guy. Many things could go away and these matters should not be glossed over. A solution should be met, or you face a similar downfall to that of the Avengers.

Think Big Picture

Being one of the most basic lessons MSPs can learn from this by understanding this concept is vital for any functioning team. And what is a company, but a team and a team divided will not stand. Having well-oiled gears will improve efficiency and ensure things run smoothly to keep everyone on the same page and achieve the company’s true potential. MSPs can learn by standing together to protect their industry from over regulation and taxation to make sure favorable laws are passed. A possibility may be getting the government involved to attempt to solve the current drought of IT tech workers by establishing programs and scholarships to lure the techies into the industry.

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