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MSP Business | April 27, 2018

Boosting Your MSP Business with Lessons from The Lego Movie

MSP BusinessMore than the laughter it brought to moviegoers, The Lego Movie also has many things to teach us about how you can run your MSP business. It has powerful messages that will change someone’s perspective of himself and of others which are essential when you handle people. The film focuses on an ordinary Lego mini-figure named Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) who did everything to the letter. He found the Piece of Resistance and was believed to be the Special foretold in the prophecy who was destined to stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell). However, Emmet was not a Master Builder, someone who is capable of building anything from his imagination without instructions and so the other Master Builders refused to fight Lord Business.

Maybe, the environment in your business is also the same as the movie and you need to turn things around. So here are some lessons you can pick up from the movie that will help you build a better company.

Do not stifle creativity with strict rules

Lord Business is obsessed with order and perfection and controls everyone by implementing strict adherence to rules. Everything has instructions, and no one does things without instructions. This has killed the citizens’ individual creativity and made the Master Builders into outlaws. This teaches an MSP business that having order and following the rules are good things, but you need to balance it with creativity and teamwork to really thrive. The organization must have equilibrium from both of those perspectives.

Believe in your employees

Even after knowing that Emmet was not a Master Builder like them, Wyldstyle and Vitruvius were still convinced of his potential. Vitruvius’ ghost also revealed to Emmet that it is belief that makes one become the Special. MSPs can learn from this that the power of belief can bring out each individuals’ talents even though he/she is rough around the edges. You need to be like Vitruvius to your employees — you need to help them identify what their talents are. Your team needs to know that you trust them and are confident in their potential. The confidence you give them will help their own confidence to grow.

Appreciate everyone’s uniqueness

Emmet defeated President Business using his special weapon – convincing him to look around and see things in a different way. Emmet pleaded him to really see the wondrous creations that the civilians of Bricksburg have built from his city. He acknowledged Business as ‘the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe’ and that he is Special. It is important for an MSP leader to see the different perspectives of his team members and to appreciate each one’s unique abilities. With a good mindset, you can use those talents to create a competitive advantage for the business.

The Lego Movie offers a number of lessons for your MSP business about leadership, teamwork, and the important balance between vision and execution. You only need to look and listen closely and surely when you apply these powerful messages, there would be great changes within the organization. Start appreciating and encouraging your team members and celebrate each other’s unique talents and ideas. And in doing so, they will be encouraged to be the best for the whole company.

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