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MSP Business | April 2, 2018

Are their any MSP Business Lessons in Red Sparrow?

MSP BusinessIn this film a Russian ballet dancer turns Russian spy! Jennifer Lawrence acts in this film of espionage and the workings of Russian secrecy. The principles of war in this movie are fine examples to learn from for any cutthroat businessman in a competitive market. But what can your MSP business learn from this daring tale of a spy?

Due to an unforeseen occurrence, the dancing star is struck with an injury. Given her line of work this results in her fall from fame and need for money. She is leveraged into taking a job as a spy from her Uncle in the Russian government. Known as Scarlets, this group of spies is tasked with using seduction as a weapon to extract information throughout highly covert operations. These spies are capable of infiltrating government at the highest levels and are trained to immediately identify a targets weakness and use it as leverage to extract information. So, what exactly is there to take from this cutthroat spy industry we can utilize?

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

The theme to take away from this movie is the danger of selling and judging your prospects by outward appearance, type of office, number of employees, way they dress. This is a common mistake that MSPs can learn not to make. The Scarlet’s would often use their outward attractive appearance to intentionally make their opponents underestimate them before coming in to finish the job. Never underestimate your opponent but understand that outward appearance can’t be entirely dismissed.

People will pay attention to how you look on the outside no matter what so make sure you look presentable to successfully lure prospects. Those are only on the surface and maybe they even save lots of money being so streamlined but the outside appearance doesn’t represent fully. Until you learn this you will literally be leaving money on the table out of prejudice.

The principles of war the movie shows should be in the back of everyone’s mind in a competitive MSP market. Red Sparrow teaches the value of knowing your opponent and the how the right information can make the perfect plan. Take these principles to win the MSP war!

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