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MSP Business | March 24, 2018

What can your MSP Business learn from Ratatouille?

The most important lesson that Ratatouille strives to teach is that anyone can cook. No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you have the proper ingredients, you can learn to cook. Chef Gusto cannot stress the importance of this lesson enough as he teaches Remy that he can be greater than his nature will allow. But, ultimately, how does this relate to the MSP business world and how can we learn from Remy’s story?

Use what you Have within Reach

Many people in today’s world don’t truly believe that they can cook. They often will find things other than themselves to blame. They can’t find the time in the day or possibly don’t have the proper ingredients. What they don’t realize is that they’re just taking the high road and not using what they have at their disposal to their advantage. Even Remy is guilty of such charges. Remy was scolded by the haunting image of chef Gusto for trying to steal food rather than exercise his passion for food.

What he didn’t realize is that one of the most important ingredients he would come to use was his partner Linguini. Though not very flavorful, Linguini was an important ingredient in allowing Remy to follow his passion and successfully create five-star gourmet. Your MSP business can learn from Remy by understanding the value of effective teamwork and the potential of your resources. Through Remy’s cooking skills and Linguini’s ability to look human, they were able to achieve success!

Anyone can Cook!

Some people think you must be born with the cutthroat attitude of a salesman to be one but, much like cooking, anyone can sell. The most important things we learn from Gusto and Remy are very simple. Remy first needed to believe in himself and know that being a rat couldn’t stop him from being anything else, so he became a chef- a rat chef. First, we need to believe in ourselves and know we have potential for great things.

Your mom may have told you could be the president one day and that’s true. Simply being human means, you are capable of elevated thought and passion. The second thing we can learn from Remy is that it’s important to read the right books! He didn’t just walk into the nearest five-star restaurant all willy-nilly. He was well-read in Chef Gusto’s famous cookbook titled Anyone Can Cook. Learn from the experts of your industry and believe you can soar to their heights and you will succeed!

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