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IT Marketing | March 26, 2018

What Can Finn of Star Wars Teach About IT Marketing

IT MarketingYour IT marketing team faces a daily battle against competitors, but many overlooks that the marketing department also experiences conflicts from other areas inside your company? FN-2187, trained since birth as a stormtrooper of the First Order and eventually became a renegade soldier after developing a conscience; causing him to disobey the order to kill the villagers on the planet of Jakku. He found his way out, was given the name Finn, and joined the Resistance with the scavenger Rey. By having a non-violent approach, he realized that his enemy was not even his enemy at all. And much like the life of Finn, MSPs can get caught up in the external and internal struggles.

Most MSPs think that sales and marketing are the enemies of their company. They tend to have a combative attitude when engaging in meetings about market strategies. This division within the company is not healthy for the business and therefore needs to be addressed immediately. Here are ways to improve the teamwork between the marketing and other departments in your MSP company.


Think Big Picture!

Your employees work for only one company and not for their individual departments alone. On your meetings, remind them of the goals and mission of the company and how their specific roles affect the performance of the whole organization. Develop shared objectives across departments and help them understand that their actions impact the big picture. Through this, you grow unity, initiative, and productivity among the staff. When your employees have a good grasp of how their work and the work of other departments are needed to achieve success, then you have a better chance at it.

Develop a Culture of Mindfulness

Do not isolate your IT marketing team from the rest of the company. Encourage everyone to have interactions with other departments. Help your employees to discover the challenges of the different tasks given to other departments so that they would have a better perspective and develop appreciation for the works of others. They may also have insights into improving one another’s duties.

Get them to Collaborate

Marketing needs IT tech experience just as IT tech experience needs marketing. They must realize that it is a symbiotic relationship to stop butting heads and grow as a company. Your marketing needs something to sell and you must sell something. Therefore, you need to get separate departments to be involved in each other’s processes. This will help make communication and work go faster. Get everybody on the same page as this can avoid unnecessary conflicts and frustrations.

Acknowledge and Appreciate

In the success of collaborative projects, be sure to acknowledge the roles of the different departments involved. Appreciation will go along with the team morale and productivity of the employees.

Invite Feedback

Open communication will build the company. And so, encourage your employees to share their opinions and suggestions and to accept constructive criticism. Once this becomes the norm of the organization, improvements, planning, processes, and collaborations are streamlined.

At the end of the day, everyone benefits from the performance of each department in your MSP company when there are unity and teamwork. The IT marketing, sales, operations, back office and even your partners must closely work together and have one goal. Each one must change his attitude and walk a higher path just like how Finn resisted the ways of the First Order and prevailed.

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