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IT Marketing | March 28, 2018

The IT Marketing Mistakes We Can Get from Supreme Leader Snoke

MSP MarketingThe villain Supreme Leader Snoke of the new Star Wars trilogy may have been powerful with the dark side of the Force but (spoiler alert!) Kylo Ren, his apprentice betrayed and killed him in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. He should have learned that arrogance is not a virtue and is a costly weapon to wield. Now, in the IT marketing facet of your business, you may feel secure and confident in the success of your marketing plans, but you could be blindly running off a cliff. Unfortunately, many MSP companies have fallen into these traps and have taken some serious body blows. So, to save your company from the troubles of wasted time, effort, and resources, here are some marketing mistakes you can catch from Snoke that you should avoid committing.

Inadequate research and testing

The IT marketing plan of your MSP company should not be based on a hit-and-miss mindset. It might have successfully worked in the past, but it will not work like that forever. This will certainly lead to a path that will destroy the entire organization or leave you incapacitated for some time. Snoke was so sure that he could never be killed and that Kylo Ren would never betray him, and so was his big mistake. Research and testing are crucial to the success of your marketing plans and strategies. They will greatly contribute to getting to an informed decision on whether the company should support such efforts or not. Also, before you run a major program or product, run it on a small scale and make sure it works before blowing up big in front of all your customers.

Failure to keep current clients

Your current clients contribute to 80 percent of your business sales and the other 20 percent is from the news you’ve just made. Therefore, the marketing efforts of your MSP company should include reselling to your existing customer base. Just like how Snoke lost Kylo’s loyalty by criticizing him for being bested by Rey and forging the bond between the two to learn of Luke’s location in which he tried to seduce Rey to the dark side in the process. Doing live updates on your customers that created massive downtime for them is a good example of this. It is essential to take good care of your current customers because it is harder to acquire new ones than to keep the old ones satisfied.

Shallow understanding of clients’ needs

You won’t be able to provide quality IT services and keep your customers if you do not really know what your customers need and want from you. Snoke completely rejected any personal attachments and therefore failed. Establish good communication with your clients and your target market in order that you can fill in their needs.

Sole reliance on one marketing channel

Never have the make it or break it deal if you can avoid it. It will never be wise to solely rely on a single strategy. Snoke depended on Kylo’s loyalty to him to advance his plans of taking over the galaxy but in the end, it was his demise. In the same way, MSP companies should take advantage of the multiple marketing strategies that are available today and review the effectivity of the old marketing channel being used. This will help in spreading your network and connecting with new potential customers. Take some risks with the emerging marketing channels but do your market research and testing first before anything else of course.

Sure, mistakes happen in life but when it comes to running a business, some MSP companies cannot afford to have them. Even if you do avoid the marketing mistakes listed here, and you still fail, you just need to take a step back and evaluate the whole process. Ask yourself the question, have I really looked for flaws in our design or analyzed it inexhaustibly with a different perspective to cover flaws I may have missed or not even thought of? When you carefully study your IT marketing data, you will see what is working and what went wrong. Learn from your mistakes and keep persevering.

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