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MSP Company | March 7, 2018

What Is the Secret to Recruiting Techs to Your MSP Company?

MSP CompanyA highly successful MSP company relies on the strengths of exceptional IT people. No matter how much advanced technology services your company develops, you can’t prosper without talented techs. So, how do your recruit smart, highly skilled IT techs to your company? One of the first steps to take is making the recruiting and selecting of IT applicants’ top priorities for your business. Once you do this, you can use the following strategies for attracting skilled personnel to your business.

Offer Exciting and Challenging Work to Candidates

As you interview your IT candidates, explain how you motivate your employees, offering them interesting and challenging work. Describe how you urge your techs to work up to their potential and offer them training opportunities to further their career qualifications. Emphasize skilled employees receive them new challenges and responsibilities with the authority for decision-making.

Offer Inducements for Applicants

When meeting with applicants, explain all the positive benefits and features your business offers. Inducements that are important to applicants include:

• Starting salary
• Pay increases
• Fringe benefits
• Flex time

Explain Your Career Path Opportunities

Present candidates with career opportunities that will help them grow professionally and personally. Explain that your staff’s career aspirations are important to you. If your MSP company has a reputation for treating your staff with authentic concern for their future and offers quality products and services to your customers, you will attract high quality recruits for your IT department.

Offer the Opportunity to Earn Equity in Your Company

Although most small business owners and entrepreneurs are sole owners of their business, offering a certain percentage of equity in the company is a lucrative incentive for talented candidates. As you present the benefits of working for your company to potential employees, explain that key members of your staff can earn equity in your business.

Since each candidate has different needs, you could break down the incentive to what attracts them most, for instance a chance to make more money with less equity or more equity and less money. There are many options you can offer with flexible equity plans. Explain that equity plans are offered to full-time, long-term employees in the company, which shows candidates that they can rely on your business for their future success.

Try the Following Recruiting Resources

When you’re trying to attract tech candidates to apply for a position at your company, consider the following recruitment resources:

• Current employee recommendations
• Want ads
• College placement recruitment
• Word of mouth
• Professional IT organizations
• Alumni networks

If the local recruitment sources aren’t providing you with the qualified candidates you need, research sources outside your area. Turn to social platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, where you can target specific people in the IT industry. You can get to know candidates before you consider interviewing them by interacting with them on social media.

Another online recruitment option is posting on job boards where you can contact people from all over the world who are looking for work. Job boards are effective tools for building your employer brand and targeting the IT tech audience.

Consider Outsourcing with a Recruiting Agency

Outsourcing to a professional staffing firm that specializes in IT recruitment is another option for finding high-quality candidates. This offers you the opportunity to interview highly talented applicants without having to pre-screen them yourself.

Recruiting talented tech people is challenging. If you enhance your MSP company image and offer competitive incentives, you can find qualified techs that are the right fit for you. By implementing these strategies, you can gain an edge over competitors looking for the same tech candidates.

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