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MSP Marketing | March 26, 2018

MSP Marketing Strategies You Can Learn from Star War’s Poe Dameron

MSP MarketingGrowing your business through MSP marketing efforts is essential to the overall business strategy. It is the key to making your IT business work and with well-placed marketing strategies, you will be surprised at how far they will take you in the industry. And when it comes to marketing strategies, we can learn a lot from X-wing pilot Poe Dameron of the Star Wars new trilogy. He may not be one of the propulsive characters of the saga’s plot, but he is one of the most important characters contributing to the films’ success. Here are four marketing lessons every MSP company needs to know:

Own your niche

Poe was the best pilot of the Resistance. He knew who he is and what he does best so that is what he focused on. In the same way, you need to know the strengths of your organization and use them to provide quality IT services on a specific industry in your local area. Concentrate your efforts on being the ace provider of your chosen niche and sooner or later, businesses will be the one seeking your services.

Establish your presence

Poe had a charismatic character. He used his wits, courage, and skills in facing his adversaries in which made him memorable and relatable to the audience. So aside from delivering excellent services to your customers, you also need to appear on relevant occasions where you can build good PR. Be a part of business organizations, trade shows, and expos of your target market. You can also publish blogs and newsletters related to your niche.

Respond quickly to challenges

Poe was always swift to aid Finn, Rey, and Han Solo with air support and he remained steadfast and focused on his mission even when those flying with him were shot down by TIE fighters. MSP marketing is a challenging area of your business. You will face erratic market trends and aggressive competitors in which you need to use your strengths to respond promptly and effectively. You should not let the bumps in the road to cause you to lose your focus.

Evaluate your strategies

Some plans and strategies don’t just work for everybody or your game plan might be missing a formula. Poe acted recklessly when he staged a mutiny against Vice Admiral Holdo. Because of his group’s actions, the First Order discovered the Resistance’s escape vessels and destroyed many of them. Consequently, before you execute any plans, spend time to analyze them and their possible outcomes. You also need to revisit the marketing strategies you are currently following and consider probable changes to make them better.

In the film The Last Jedi, Poe said, “We are the spark that’ll light the fire that’ll burn the First Order down.” A fire starts only from a tiny spark. Now, if you think that your MSP marketing efforts are just but sparks compared to the whole business plan, then it is time to reconsideration the role of marketing in your company. Learn from Poe Dameron’s passion, skills, and determination and you will soon witness a spreading fire of success!

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