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IT Marketing | March 19, 2018

Do You Have an IT Marketing Padawan Learner?

IT MarketingTaking Someone Under Your Wing

When it comes to IT marketing, you may be well-suited to draw from an internal pool of trustworthy individuals for a salesperson. Granted, sourcing one externally who has credentials makes plenty of sense, but it could be costly. Meanwhile, if you’ve already got a sales department, you may scout a tech with “people skills” and start grooming them to sell. Such technical salespeople have an inbuilt advantage. They understand the value of what they’re selling intrinsically. Though they may need assistance “selling themselves,” they won’t need assistance selling the product and this will end up being quite useful.

People Skills

Here’s the thing: you’ve really got to focus on the people skills. You can’t get someone in sales from engineering or another “tech” department who doesn’t know how to have a conversation. You’re going to have some cave-dwelling types who are best-suited writing routines and subroutines, designing software, installing and troubleshooting machines, as well as all the rest. Trying to uproot these individuals and make them sell is, to a certain extent, cruel and foolhardy. You can’t teach a cat to tap-dance and you can’t teach someone who has made it their life’s aim to avoid social interaction at all cost become an excellent salesperson even if they do have the ability to describe in-depth features of burgeoning technology like a genius.

So, when you find the right individual, bring them under the wing of your top marketing and selling people, like a Padawan learner of some variety. Remember the Star Wars films? A Padawan was basically a Jedi in training. Before they could become a knight, they had to transcend the Padawan stage. Well, when it comes to IT marketing, it’s eminently possible to bring “balance” to your “sales force” through the right “Padawan” techie.


Tech sales apprentices can help revitalize sales strategy that was based on the misconception of technological concepts. Common misconceptions occur in areas like:

• Cloud Computing
• Internet of Things
• Edge Computing
• Cloud-Hosted Services

Most salespeople who don’t understand the tech just work around it. They rely on customer testimonials and they rely on selling themselves over the product in many cases. This has a vague quality to it which can end up undermining your operations in the end.

When you’ve got a tech-savvy Padawan learner circulating among your sales ranks, they can answer complex questions extremely fast. They can, also, come up with organizational solutions in terms of lead follow-through and a number of other useful things, while they learn. You need not lose their technical expertise as you expand their role within your company.

A great deal of selling is on the phones but there will be just as much selling in-person where the addition of a technical authority during a sales transaction can be that which ultimately converts the client. As the Padawan learns, you might put them on a diminished increment of team incentive just to help them acquire additional motivation in client service.

The Next Step

Eventually, you can make such an individual an excellent part of your MSP’s marketing team. Someone who is able to pull more IT people through the transitional door of engineering into sales. Granted, good IT folks are in hot demand but so are good salespeople. Making a chimera of the two is definitely a worthy ideal for your MSP.

You’ll need a lot of strategies to help separate you from the rest. The good news? IT is in hot demand right now as a suite of next-generation services come to dominate the market. There is a great deal of occupational security in MSP services today. It requires securing the right clients and properly scaling outward as you move upward. This takes time and practice.

If you can be the most cohesively informative MSP solution out there, you may nab a share of the market through clarity alone. Some MSPs will have great sales teams, some will have great tech people, seldom will both qualities be embodied in single individuals. If you can get there, your IT marketing and sales will be more effective overall.

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