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MSP Business | March 20, 2018

How to Market Your MSP Business if Funds are Limited

MSP BusinessContrary to popular opinion, an MSP business can still engage in marketing even if funds are limited. The marketing tools that you can use include advertising, which may involve placing ads on TV and newspapers as well as setting up online banners. However, there are many other marketing tools you can employ other than advertising.

Social Media

One of the most effective marketing methods for your MSP business is the use of social media. It is free but time-consuming. However, social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will be useless if you have nothing valuable to tell clients. Fortunately, writing on social media does not necessarily need you to be a very prolific writer to get your message across. But, you should never compromise on quality and value. Therefore, you should always strive to provide useful information that will leave your client asking for more.


With pay-per-click (PPC), you only pay when your ad is clicked on. If you want to advertise with a limited budget, pay-per-click enables you to get traffic and pay only for what brings you returns. You also pay only when you want. You will get more value for your money if you place your ad in Facebook because it is more targeted and cheaper than Google. You will get more traffic if you link the ad clicks to your own page. This will help you build your client list.

Forum Participation

Did you know that posting on forums still works? Many businesses have been launched by making offers on forums. You should use various forums to learn what clients are talking about. In this way, you will find out where to inject a product. In your conversation, you can give details regarding the product to attract leads. However, you must sell your product subtly or else you risk being barred for spamming. Genuine participation will enable you to reach your clients and inject the product into the conversation. In this way, you will advertise your product directly without seeming pushy.

Links from Blog Commenting

You may get valuable links from commenting on blogs in your niche from high PageRank sites. Making a comment to show that you read the article enhances the thread of comment and keeps the conversation going. It will also indicate your heightened interest in the subject of conversation. A longer post will not be considered spam. Never try to automate the process.

Article Marketing

Writing articles and posting them in article-writing websites is also a good marketing tool. When you write an article related to the product you are trying to sell, the readers will consider you an expert on the subject. They will be willing to believe whatever you say about it enough to buy it. The article will also generate interest in potential customers who didn’t know about the product. You could offer to be a guest blogger in sites in which you know your clients might frequent. Alternatively, you could post on your own website. A personal blog will give you a ‘home base’ where you could send the readers to learn more.

Our Contributor

Jason and his brother, Daniel Simons own and operate the 36 year-old IT support company in San Antonio, Houston and Austin. ICS is a second-generation company specializing in Managed IT, VoIP, Video and Cabling for businesses. Jason grew up in the technology sector working summers and weekends doing everything from cabling to installing phone systems and data networks. In 1997, Jason graduated from Texas A&M University with a Business Degree in Management. From there, he began working in at the IT Support Houston location for ICS as the Operations Manager, then the Sales Manager, the Branch Manager and in 2008 became a 50% owner and partner with Daniel Simons.

Jason specializes in IT services that allow Houston businesses to operate more efficiently, effectively and in a secure manner. Jason is a business owner that understands how to leverage IT services to improve your San Antonio organization and is not just an IT consulting technician who is attempting to operate a business..

Jason and Daniel have a profound focus on customer service with the pride of a second-generation family owned business. With IT Support offices in San Antonio, Houston and Austin, the ICS team is positioned to provide the highest level of IT and VoIP services to your organization. Jason is passionate about implementing their core values to build one of the Leading IT companies in Houston and San Antonio !

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