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IT lead generation | March 18, 2018

Are Your IT Lead Generation Efforts Too Short to Be a Storm Trooper?

it lead generationIn the original Stars Wars film, Princess Leia was rescued by Luke Skywalker while he was wearing a Storm Trooper outfit and nags him by stating that he is “too short to be a Storm Trooper.” If your partner SEO firm looks, sounds, and seems like an SEO firm but is not producing results, then it may be impersonating one, similar to our hero, Luke Skywalker and his Storm Trooper outfit. A lot of MSPs spend thousands of dollars in IT lead generation only to get scammed by poor efforts, shady techniques, and broken promises. Here are some things to look for to know if you are in the middle of an SEO firm scam:

No Updates

In the beginning, SEO can take a long time to get results. For some companies, it may take several months. This is no reason to not go to your SEO firm and ask for what they have delivered in the meantime. A good agency should have something to show for the money you have invested in them. Even though results are not instant, it is important to see what processes have been taken to yield success. Your agency should provide updates on analysis, optimized content, technical and content audits, and any issues faced. A lack of this information is a sure sign that you are in the middle of a scam.

They Don’t Request Information

MSPs and SEO agencies are partnerships. This means working together and knowing each part of each other’s business. Therefore, if an SEO agency does not request important information, especially pertaining to IT lead generation, then you are most likely getting scammed. Just like how contractors need to know parts of the home, agencies need to know about your MSP. As soon as they sign on to work with you, they should be requesting access to social accounts, target keywords, access to your analytical system, etc. If they are not asking for anything, chances are that they are actually doing a lot of harm. It is important to be informed on all aspects of their work if they are taking action or not in certain parts of your business.

No Suggestions

Since working with an SEO firm is a partnership, there must be a good steady stream of communication, criticism, and suggestion. If the communication seems dead and they are not giving information on how to improve, then this is a clue that you are working with a scam. A good SEO brings suggestions from their observations that can help you succeed. This concludes, but is not limited to: starting social channels, adding content to your site, creating a sitemap, etc. These recommendations may come with a price, but these are investments that are suggested by trusted professionals that can yield results.

Rankings and Traffic Go Down

Rankings fluctuate for a number of reasons, but if you see a steady decline then your SEO may be to blame. Once you see this drop, it is best to start asking questions. You should ask what actions they have done before and after the drop, and how they plan on fixing the situation. You should be looking at a few things when it comes to rankings, such as ranking of target keywords, ranking on the pages of Google, consistency, etc.

In some cases, companies may partner with an SEO and see their traffic go down. The goal is to reach targeted traffic, not just a lot of it. When you get low traffic, but your revenue goes up, then your SEO is doing a great job. If your traffic and revenue both go down, then it is time to question the legitimacy of your SEO.

Promoting your MSP and staying in the eyes of potential customers is an important part of your business. It is crucial to reach your targeted audience and get their attention faster than your competitors. Using IT lead generation and help from SEO firms can give you the edge. You should work with a trusted partner that has your success in their best interest. Always ask questions and be informed, especially when you are in doubt of the legitimacy of the SEO firm you are working with.

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