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MSP Business | March 30, 2018

Getting Your MSP Business Website Top Ranked is like Credit Repair!

MSP BusinessWhile I was working on my credit the other day I was logged into my credit monitoring website and it dawned on me that there were several major comparisons between Credit repair and getting an MSP Business website top ranked. It seems there are concepts that the Google Algorithm and Credit scores have in common. If you want to get your MSP website top ranked then it might be a good idea to examine the similarities so you can get a better grasp on how Google looks at your site.

How do Credit Factors relate to Google Rankings?

Payment History = Update History

There are three main credit factors that evaluate your payment history, Credit Age and your Credit Mix. The most critical of these three is your payment history and this mean how often you pay your bills on time or rather if you every miss any payments. If you get dinged with a missed payment it can sink your credit score overnight and be very difficult to recovery from in the short run.

Just like you must pay your bills on time to establish a good credit score you must also post regular updates on your website to receive a high ranking from Google. An update can consist of a new blog post, new section, back link, Guest blog, Google Review, Social Media Post etc. One of the toughest things for an MSP Business to be consistent at is making regular updates to their website. Just like missing a payment if you fail to post then your Google Ranking will take a major hit.

Credit Age = Domain Age

The next most important area where a credit bureau will evaluate your credit is by looking that the age of your existing credit. The idea is that the older you good trade-lines of credit are the better it reflects on you overall credit report. Therefore, is important to begun building your credit at an early age and maintain it carefully because the older your credit account are the higher you credit score will be. Obviously, the only way to get older accounts is just through time and patience!

Much in the same way that having older trade-lines can dramatically affect your credit score, having an older domain can boost your Google rankings. The age of your website is a powerful factor in how Google with rate your website and ultimately rank it in the index. This is way it’s important not to change your website domain on a whim because it could cause your rankings to take a serious hit. Also, it can be a good idea to troll for old domains that have expired and purchase them as a way of aging you be website with an older domain. It important to consider the age of the domain for your MSP Business when conducting an internet marketing campaign.

Credit Mix = Update Mix

When your credit is analyzed by one of the three major credit bureaus using the FICO score mode then they will look at your credit mix. This means that you have a diversity of credit trade lines that will range from a car lone, credit card from a bank, store credit card, home loan etc. If a consumer only has personal credit cards their credit portfolio then this will have a negative impact as it’s not diverse enough to get a high credit mix evaluation. The more diverse you are with credit accounts then the higher your credit score will go!

One of the biggest similarities between Credit Mix is having a Diverse Updating strategy. Just having only have one type of credit trade-line hurts your credit if you just have one type of update then this will also hider you Google rankings. It’s important to add new articles but you need to optimize your site, create landing pages, and post your articles on social media etc. Doing all of this at the same time will give you an amazing diversity of update types!


If you study the way that credit bureaus evaluate consumer credit the comparison with how Google rates websites is staggering. As we have seen, both rating agency will take into consideration payment history / Update History, Credit Age / Domain Age and Credit Mix / Update Mix. If you focus on these three fundamental areas you could vastly improve both your credit and the Goggle rankings for your MSP Business!

About our Contributor

MSP MarketingMy name is Nate Keshmiri, Founder & Managing Partner of Advanced Networks. I’ve been actively involved in Information Technology for over twenty years. I have always had a passion for IT Support in LA as well as a fascination for what makes businesses of all types successful.
I’m a true native of Los Angeles. I grew up in Westchester, received my bachelor’s degree from UC Irvine and my graduate degree from USC. I’m proud to call LA y my home and there’s no place in the world I’d rather see businesses thrive than in my own backyard. It gives me great pleasure to provide IT Consulting to businesses in Los Angeles and Southern California, and to know that everyday I am playing a vital role in their growth & success.

When my partners and I started Advanced Networks in 2004, our vision was simple: Be the most trusted and respected IT services providers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California with a reputation for reliability, innovation, and a commitment to customer service. That vision remains just as strong today as it did back then. We’ve made it a point to hire the brightest and most talented team members we could find who share this vision. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line IT Management Systems to provide our engineers with the necessary tools to achieve excellence, while giving our customers full transparency into their own networks. We’ve formed partnerships with top tier hardware and software vendors to offer tailored packages to any type of business. Our customer retention rate and annual growth has proven that our investments have paid off.

If I’ve learned anything in my many years within this industry, it’s that our IT support business in LA starts and ends with the happiness of our customers. I have taken this very seriously throughout my career and instill these principles in our staff every day.

As CEO of Advanced Networks, you have my personal commitment that we will do everything possible to make sure that all of your IT needs are met, and that your customer experience is a positive one.

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