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MSP Company | March 25, 2018

Endpoint Backup from Autotask can Help MSPs Increase Sales!

Many MSPs simply don’t see the value of Autotask’s endpoint backup solution because they feel their main disaster recovery system is all they need. After all a product like Datto can do everything to save the data on IT companies client’s servers, so is there a place for Autotask’s endpoint backup?

If you can remember back to the days when you worked in an average business, before becoming an IT professional. Then you should remember that many end users are simply to lazy to back up their data to the server, no matter how many times they are told.

This means that even if the main data backup system saves all the data on the server there will still be some lost data. The point to keep in mind is that when most disaster recovery solutions are sold buyers usually ask about the data on the endpoints like desktops, laptops, phones and iPad. Most IT sales people simply gloss over the issue by saying that endpoint data doesn’t matter since everything is backed up on the server.

Except, everything is not backup on the server and endpoints do matter! This means that if you get on-board the endpoint backup train that you can have a new solution that will help distinguish your managed services offer from the herd and prevent it from becoming commoditized! Oh yeah, Datto merged with Autotask, so they must see the role for endpoint backup.

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