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MSP Marketing | March 8, 2018

Do You Believe Pressing Your MSP Marketing Team Really Works?

MSP MarketingWhen They Win, You Win

MSP marketing techniques which pressure sales people by making them afraid of their job security is more likely to hurt a business than help it. Your job as a manager of salespeople is to empower them for success. This doesn’t mean you don’t liquidate certain salespeople or reshuffle them elsewhere in your organization when necessary. It does mean you need to treat each employee individually and work to understand their situation rather than simply apply broad strokes of pressure when sales lag

If you think about it, simply pressuring salespeople when sales lag is kind of lazy on the part of whoever is applying pressure. They’re looking for a quick fix rather than something lasting and, as a result, they’ll see the fallout of their behavior. Pressuring salespeople by making it seem their job is in jeopardy when numbers slip is basically ignoring them until they make a mistake then punishing them. What this does is motivate employees to annoy potential prospects, rather than gently court them until they decide to give your MSP a chance.

Courting Prospects

Look at it like dating. The geeky guy who inundates the girl who isn’t interested in him with flowers, candies, tickets, compliments, and all that jazz probably won’t have success with her.

There’s a famous song: “Can’t Buy Me Love”. The Beatles said that, and they were right. Now, many women actually like that kind of attention but they like it from a man in whom they have some interest. It’s the same with prospects. They don’t want your attention if they don’t already have some interest. When you pressure salespeople, they’re going to inundate questionable leads such that word will get around that your MSP is desperate. This will scare other leads off, leaving you on the dregs of a partnership. It’s a recipe for treading water at best and bankruptcy at worse. When the negative pressure reaches a certain threshold, it will result in salespeople employing dishonest practices for lead conversion. Lies, theft, cheating, and other underhanded activity may come to characterize sales. Salespeople may promise services that can’t be delivered or process upgrades on existing clients that weren’t requested. Such activity reflects even worse on your business.


What needs to happen is an approach which considers the situation and helps enable a salesperson to succeed. Are they in a slump because they’re having home difficulties? Is it that time of year? Have they just had a bum run of leads? Is the outreach telephone system dropping calls? Is the order processing system taking too long and making potential clients nervous about financial processing issues? If credit cards aren’t expediently processed, the question of fraud may enter a potential client’s mind and that could keep a sale from happening. If it turns out the salesperson just got lucky for a few months and weren’t in the right place at the right time to receive lap sales, then they need more education, not pressure. More pressure just increases incompetence. It really is an antiquated means of incentive.

Proper Monitoring

A better strategy for your MSP marketing business is to monitor leads in terms of quality. Look at overarching trends like yearly or monthly cycles, rather than daily changes. Sometimes three months of slowness is juxtaposed with two months of outstanding sales. Sometimes, salespeople just aren’t following up appropriately. If you’re just waiting for a salesperson to miss their goal before pouncing on them, don’t be surprised if they fail, cheat, or annoy clients. To that end, some strategies to consider include:

• Build trust with salespeople
• Mold management to fit reasonable preferences
• Understand goals of salespeople
• Ensure basics are covered
• Tier goals by yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly rubrics
• Determine where issues are
• Allow salespeople to choose rewards
• Give good incentives

Click this link for a more in-depth examination of these MSP marketing strategies. The bottom line? Treat salespeople how you’d like to be treated, give them the tools they need to succeed. Do that and you’re a lot more likely to see sales expand.

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