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MSP Marketing | February 24, 2018

Are You Writing MSP Marketing Articles With the ‘What’s in It for Me’ Angle?

MSP MarketingOne of the most useful MSP marketing strategies is to educate your consumer base about IT services and how it can greatly benefit their business. Focusing on the advantages of these services will keep your clients engaged and interested in learning more about your product. Always addressing the “What’s in it for me?” question near the beginning will ensure that you have the reader’s attention from the very start and make them much more interested in your product. Here are more reasons why it’s important to educate clients and how this process can transform your organization into a leading thought leader in the IT industry:

Builds Trust & Long-Lasting Relationship

Educating clients about your services can occur in a wide variety of ways, whether it is through webinars, blogs, white papers, and many other avenues. One of the primary benefits of continually educating clients is that it helps develop a long-lasting relationship that is built on trust. Always finding new ways to educate them on various problems will help transition your IT company into a leading voice in the technology industry. Over time, this will help your company attract new clients, simply by focusing on educating clients and finding solutions to everyday problems in the business world.

Improve Sales

Another advantage of using MSP marketing to educate potential clients is that it can significantly boost sales, simply because the targeted audience is much more educated and aware of your product. Instead of relying on a cold pitch, you will already have built a relationship with a potential customer, which makes it much more likely that they will purchase your services. As you can see, it is even more essential for an IT provider to focus on educating prospective customers, as it makes it much easier to transition into the sales process and gain a long-term client.

Enhance Reputation

The reputation of an IT support company is critical to success and focusing on educating clients can help improve your company’s reputation throughout the IT industry. For example, you can write a weekly blog detailing the latest trends in the IT industry and how it can have a positive impact on businesses. While this may seem inconsequential, it can have a significant effect on how prospective clients view your company, which can ultimately lead them to choose your services over another IT provider.

Clients Become Promoters

Another positive side-effect of focusing on educating clients is that they can help promote your business to their colleagues. By fostering a positive relationship with current customers, it can help you reach a whole new set of clients that would otherwise be impossible. For example, an existing client can promote your company through social media by simply stating how satisfied they are with your IT services. This type of free advertising is much more effective coming from a client and is an excellent way to promote awareness of your company to even more potential clients.

One of the most useful MSP marketing techniques is to focus on regularly educating clients or potential customers about your services. Over time, this can help build long-term relationships, improve sales, and enhance the reputation of the company. Instead of being a follower, the continuing education of your product will help transform your IT company into one of the most influential thought leaders in the IT industry. Of course, this will not happen overnight, but it is well worth the investment to consistently focus on educating companies about your services and how they can benefit their organization in a multitude of different ways.

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