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MSP Marketing | February 10, 2018

Are There MSP Marketing Secrets Hidden in Kung Fu Panda?

MSP MarketingThe tale of Kung Fu Panda begins with a Japanese art style animation of the story of a mighty warrior. This warrior was born for battle and was so noble he won the hearts of the people. Now we realize Po, the incredibly fat panda, is the one with this vision of pure awesomeness that he fears he can’t live up to. Transitioning to Po’s seemingly mundane life in the noodle shop we see why he underestimates himself. Are their any MSP marketing secrets hidden in this Kung Fu Movie?

With this quickly set backstory we can understand the most important theme of the movie. This movie teaches us that you don’t have to look like a hero to become one. Po shows his true inner hero by deciding to forget the noodles and head up the stairs to the Jade Palace to see who the new Dragon Warrior turns out to be.

There is not only one road to success, each individual has their own. This is why it’s pointless to follow some unfounded notion of what you think a successful person to be. This is exactly the mindset everyone held when they saw the new dragon warrior. They had envisioned the warrior to be glistening in the sunlight and proficient in karate. But instead they got Po, the incredibly fat panda, who was none of those things. Po even doubted he was the dragon warrior himself. All it took to unleash his inner power was to find the right motive for him which was food as master Shi Fu discovered. Rewrite the rules and find your own journey and other than keeping core hero values all you need to do is follow your instinct.

What MSP marketing leaders and up comers can learn from this is that anybody exercising this level of positivity will show it in his work. Learn to never underestimate yourself and those around you. Master Shi Fu shows us that you can bring out each person’s individual strengths by finding the proper motive to suit them as he did with Po and some steamy dumplings.

Exercise this level of faith on a daily basis and your employees will follow suit of the joyous attitude and work ethic you bring to the office and into their lives. They will begin to exercise the same level of passion in their work as you lead them by your own example. Though this may sound like a lifestyle change it is much simpler than I’m making it sound. Don’t dwell on the negative, MSP should always believe in their marketing skills and it will be sure to show in life, in work, and all around you.

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