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MSP Marketing | February 23, 2018

MSP Marketing Lessons from Disney’s “Aladdin”

msp marketingEveryone is a Diamond in the Rough

MSP marketing needs to understand that true value and strength will most effectively and profoundly develop from character rather than money. Aladdin was a “diamond in the rough” not because of his personal identity, but because of his internal identity. There are multiple areas in the Disney film “Aladdin” where it’s shown the title character has moral character. He gives his food to the young, he saves the princess just because she’s a person, not because she is royalty, he cares for a foul-mouthed monkey despite his own poverty— the list goes on. This made Aladdin stand out more than anything else did; it truly made him a jewel.


With marketing for your MSP, you’ve got to have character. This doesn’t just mean you’re honest in interactions with leads and existing clients. It also has to do with how employees are treated, and how determined your operation is for success. It requires strong character to overcome business obstacles. It also requires some level of self-examination.

MSP Strengths

You need to know where your MSP is strong if you’re going to most effectively market it. What services do you provide better than other MSPs? What particular aspects of your operation have a uniqueness that potential clients won’t be able to find otherwise? MSP marketing should effectively focus on these things and provide demonstrations to prospects which communicate value.

Strong Hypothetical

A great way to do that is to design a hypothetical scenario based around existing clients. What is the average size of your client base? How much service do they typically purchase for you? What statistical level of optimization does your MSP bring to the table? As a hypothetical example, if you were marketing individualized services at a client needing personal support for an entrepreneurial pursuit, you might have something constructed which shows how $200 worth of service from your MSP a month can result in X amount of savings.

If you’ve got a business who has servers, you can get an even clearer bead on potential savings. For argument’s sake, let’s say a server’s acquisition, shipping, space allocation, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and backup— including necessary on-site personnel to accomplish these things–ends up averaging $25k a year. If you could provide the same solutions through a cloud option for $1k a month, you’d end up saving your clients $65k over the course of five years, or $13k a year. This doesn’t include collateral savings from staff that are freed up, space that is freed up, maintenance expenses, and the list goes on.

Properly Distributing Marketing Materials

If you construct a secure, airtight hypothetical of this variety, then present it to clients which fit a certain range, you’ll likely have a very effective interaction that has an increased possibility of resulting in conversion. Granted, not all marketing can go so in-depth; but you can use certain strategies to convey just such a hypothetical. Consider this blog, as a for-instance. It’s a piece of writing that essentially does some of the work for you. If you’ve got online content marketing solutions under the penumbra of your marketing strategy, and you distribute them properly, you’ll likely see a spike in actionable leads.

Crunching the Numbers

To see any spike in anything, you’ll need to crunch the numbers. That requires having numbers to crunch; indicating another considerable operational strategy is keeping close statistics on every marketing exploit your team pursues.

Everything Together

So, to recap, several strategies worth pursuing that will make your outbound marketing more effective include:

• Keeping close numbers
• Constructing persuasive hypotheticals
• Properly distributing marketing materials
• Ensuring you focus on your MSP’s strengths
• Making character a prime component of all marketing endeavors

It requires strong character to do all these things, but the good news is that character can be developed. A piece of coal can be crushed into a diamond through time, or in a lab; but it takes a lot of pressure. Your MSP marketing may be difficult for a while, but if you keep at it, you will transform into the profitable jewel to which you attain.

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