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MSP Marketing | February 27, 2018

MSP Marketing Lessons from Buddha

MSP marketingCompany owners can learn MSP marketing lessons from numerous sources, including the teachings of Buddha. Buddha spread his message of non-violence and compassion throughout the world simply by living out those values himself.

MSP companies can learn a lot from Buddha’s approach. Incorporating the lessons he taught throughout his life can improve your marketing efforts. Spreading your brand’s message throughout your local community and gaining new customers is simple when you follow Buddha’s teachings. You might even be surprised how truly simple it is.

Learn to Let Go

The first of Buddha’s four lessons is that suffering is common. It is so common that no good can come from worrying about past, present, or future suffering or misfortune. Buddha taught the importance of letting go of your worries.

When applied to your MSP marketing strategy, this lesson teaches you not to stress about the small things. Once an advertising campaign is crafted, for example, no good can come to you or your company if you worry about its success. Instead, let it exist as it is, making changes as necessary but never allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by concern. Save your mental energy for creative purposes, such as developing new projects or enthusiastically reaching out to new customers.

Learn from Others

Buddha’s second lesson is that each individual person is the cause of their own suffering. An inability to ask for help or to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others creates endless suffering in every person.

Conversely, learning from others and benefiting from their experiences is one way to end suffering. When applied to the marketing world, this means taking the time to learn from your peers. Examine successful campaigns by others in your industry, not with envy, but with curiosity. Never be afraid to ask others in your company for help, especially others on your marketing team. Surround yourself with people of varying skills to constantly continue your own education.

Learn True Non-Violence

The third lesson Buddha taught was that there is an end to suffering. It does not need to be constant, nor does it need to consume you. The path to suffering’s end is non-violence.

Practicing non-violence in the business world is a lot more challenging than it seems. True non-violence includes purity of thought as well as deed. Push thoughts of worry, jealousy, or hatred out of your mind and keep them out of your advertisements. Instead, focus on honest, respectful, and compassionate qualities. Practicing true non-violence attracts loyal customers to your brand and sets you apart from your competition.

Learn About Your Company’s Mission

Buddha’s final lesson was that everyone should follow the path that ends suffering. To Buddha, this meant controlling your mind, focusing only and what is of the utmost importance.

In the business world, fulfilling this lesson involves learning about your company’s mission. What need does your MSP company fill? Why are you the best at what you do? Focusing your efforts on how you can fulfill your company’s mission ensures you follow the best path.

Buddha’s teachings are over 2,000 years old but still just as applicable today as they were then. His overall message was to know your values and then live them out. His message successfully spread across the world because he was genuine. MSP companies can apply his teachings to their own marketing strategies. Familiarize yourself with these lessons, taking care to incorporate them into your MSP marketing plan. Live them out, showing your competitors and your customers that your brand, like Buddha, lets its actions speak for itself.

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