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MSP Marketing | February 8, 2018

Do You Have an MSP Marketing Detective to Solve the Google Algorithm Conundrum?

MSP MarketingAt this point in time, the main principles of Google’s search algorithms are widely understood. However, there are some details that have the potential to confuse and ultimately threaten the flow of business. Google intentionally keeps the nuances of search algorithms a secret. The challenge lies in developing enough of an understanding of the search engine’s algorithms to steer traffic to your website. You need an MSP marketing guru on your side to overcome this hurdle.

Hire an SEO Firm Based on Merit, Not the Look of Their Website

Though most SEO companies have nice websites, this should not be the sole determinant of which candidate deserves your business. You should only put extra weight on the look and functionality of the prospect’s website if you are hiring for web design in addition to SEO. The bottom line is some of the best SEO groups have plain websites. This is not an instance in which you want to judge a book by its cover.

Question Claims of Achieving a Top Ranking

Plenty of SEO companies will claim they are top-ranked for searches in your geographic location. Do not assume this is a legitimate claim. Even if it is legitimate, it is not a sign the company is worth its keep. It is possible for nearly any group to appear first in online searches for certain terms. The question is whether the company can match its claim as the best for MSP marketing. Question the relevance of all awards. The recognition might have been provided years ago. Focus on today’s value and how an SEO company can steer traffic to the website and social media.

Company Size and Revenue are Not an Indication of Merit

Just because a company is good at something is not an indication it has the resources available to take on another client. It is possible a large SEO company is simply outsourcing the work to other parties and skimming a percentage of the profit off the top. You do not want to do business with an SEO company that has the best alliances. You will be better served if talented individuals are working directly on your projects. So, don’t rule out the medium and small SEO specialists.

Figure out Exactly What You Need

Take a moment to determine what, exactly, your group needs. Are you looking to try out a one-time SEO push? Are you interested in a prolonged SEO effort? Perhaps you are in need of additional services that may or may not be suitable for certain SEO companies. So, take the time to figure out what your company needs, be it pay-per-click (PPC) management, link building, SEO and so on.

Once you know what you need, ask candidates to show examples of prior work related to your needs and aims. The best SEO specialists are willing to provide several examples of previous accomplishments. Some will even provide the contact information of current and former clients to serve as references.

Ask SEO Candidates to Tell a Story of Success

The best SEO specialists have a collection of true stories that detail past successes. Do not hesitate to ask these candidates to tell such a story. These stories give you a look at what the SEO company can do, how their work benefits clients and whether they are worth their keep. Continue to ask questions about client experiences to gain insight as to how the company handles challenges, progresses towards goals and ultimately spikes the flow of traffic.

Recognize the Value of SEO

MSP marketing requires a highly precise SEO campaign to maximize exposure and stimulate business across posterity. The way this campaign is conducted plays a major role in determining whether target clients are contacted and converted in the months and years to come. The value of SEO will only continue to grow as computers, the web and search engines become even more ubiquitous.

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